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Atticus 1 split points with Widnes

Atticus 1  4-4  Widnes, MCA League Division One, Monday November 6 2017

202 J Redmond 1  0 M Mazek 188
202 D Foord 1  0 M Ellis 184
194 D James 0  1 T Dugdale 173
156 J Rothwell 0  1 D McCarthy 166
150 J Lambert ½  ½ P Coughlin 157
134 D Rooney ½  ½ M Connor 147
134 C Wentworth 1  0 I Magee 130
130 S Philp 0  1 L Walls 127
    4  4    

A very close affair. At 3.5-3.5 everything came down to the game between Derek and Mike. It looked as if our man was under the cosh in a Q+B ending, where Black had more space and the possibility of a passed pawn. But Derek dug in, didn't allow himself to fall behind on the clock and found some 'only' moves. Mike had less than three minutes with the complications starting to build so he offered a draw which was accepted. So, 4-4 - a great save by Derek. Earlier, Chris had continued his superb form, polishing his opponent off with a Queen sac no less. Exploiting some nice discovery-themes on the light squares, Dominic had one of his frictionless wins with White. In my game, White played the London System, but conceded some space and the two bishops at an early stage. When Black broke in the centre, the attack quickly broke through to White's king. John had a tough draw in the middle order. Both Dave and Steve seemed to have lost from winning, or near-winning, positions and James was likewise unable to hold. Another tough match for us - in the end, we were happy to take away a point.

Atticus 1 downed

Aigburth 4½-3½ Atticus 1, MCA League Division One, Wednesday October 18 2017

209 R Williamson 1  0 J Redmond 202
176 B Kane 1  0 D Foord 202
173 G Cohen ½ ½ D James 194
161 S Lee 0  1 N Martin 186
161 J Faulkner ½ ½ J Rothwell 156
161 P Bernhard ½ ½ J Lambert 150
149 R Frith 1  0 D Rooney 134
148 D Eisen 0  1 C Wentworth 134

Playing away at Aigburth, we underperformed on the higher boards. Chris continues to have a great season for us and notched up another win. Nick also got the better of Steve Lee with Black. James and John both picked up handy draws. Derek seemed to get the worse of a Dutch-style middlegame where his opponent expanded on the K-side and picked up the two Bishops. Dominic ran into a sudden tactical blow on the K-side against Brendan. I played a less-than-ideal plan in a QGD battle, castling on the wrong side, and then contracting a lifeless position. The match ultimately hinged on Dave James's battle on Board 3 where he was a couple of pawns up. A win would have drawn the match but, even as he went a Rook up, Dave's seconds ticked ominously down - at the end he only had two left and his opponent sportingly agreed a draw rather than run Dave off the clock. Not our best performance by any means but congrats to Aigburth.

Atticus 1 open their account

Atticus 1  5-3  Hoylake, MCA League Division One, Monday October 2 2017

202 J Redmond  ½  ½ D Tebb 203
202 D Foord  1  0 T Carroll 190
194 D James  ½  ½ M Stone 184
169 L Boumphrey  ½  ½ T Jones 157
156 J Rothwell  1  0 M Stoddart 153
150 J Lambert  0   1 B Vasiev 147
135 M Wadsworth  1  0 R Tatar 112
130 S Philp  ½  ½ M Carroll 113
     5  3    

Atticus 1 managed to defeat a slightly weakened Hoylake selection. Mark Wadsworth scored an important win on 7, using the power of the 2 Bishops. James Rothwell scored his first win for Atticus 1 after a complicated-looking opening where he allowed White a big centre and sniped from the wings. Dominic played against an unconventional Benoni where Black exchanged off his dark-squared Bishop for a Knight and then went into a tricky ending - in the end, Dom seemed to get the better of the tactics. Dave James found a good line to play against the Alapin Sicilian, getting an equal position with lots of play - the players only agreed a draw after the match-result was decided. Steve Philp might have had winning chances in his game, but agreed a prudent draw in the end. Luke looked horribly lost at various points in his game, but somehow he survived a resignable Rook-ending - if nothing else it was a great rearguard action. I fought out a tricky Advance French with Dave Tebb - Black equalised fairly early but then went into a questionable series of tactics which came out as a heavy-piece ending neither side could hope to win. John Lambert got into a tough struggle which he couldn't quite hold. So, a good win for the home side.

The champs come out swinging

Atticus 1  3½-4½  Atticus 2, MCA League Division One, Monday September 11 2017.

202 John Redmond   ½  ½ Andrej Stancak 198
194 Dave James   1  0 Steve Kee 190
186 Nick Martin   ½  ½ Tom Bimpson 181
156 James Rothwell   0  1 David Odunaiya 177
150 John Lambert   0  1 Giorgos Christodoulou 172
134 Derek Rooney   0  1 Brian Ewart 159
134 Chris Wentworth   1  0 Dave Stuttard 147
130 Steve Philip   ½  ½ Andrea Brecevich 153
     3½  4½    

It could turn out to be a close season. We played our first Division One match in our new home, and the current champions came away the winners. Chris, who stepped in kindly from Atticus 4, had a convincing victory over Dave Stuttard, winning an exchange and closing in on the White King. Dave James played a tense game against Steve Kee's Classical Dutch. They went into a R+B v R+N where Dave's active rook seemed to balance Steve's better Knight. In time-pressure at the end, Steve allowed a King and pawn ending which turned out to be hopeless. Steve Philp was considerably better in his game with two Bishops and a passed pawn but couldn't overcome his opponent's blockading defence. Andrej and I played an opening where White gets two Bishops for doubled pawns, Andrej undoubled his pawns at the right moment but lost the two Bishops and neither side had much after that. Our debutante, James Rothwell, had a tough introduction to league chess against Dave Odunaiya. Black won a pawn in a Dragon-style position and, after that, seemed to suppress White's counterplay very effectively. Derek played a sharp-looking game where Brian had a big centre but a slightly exposed King. Somewhere in the complications Derek may have had good chances but he lost in the end. John Lambert played a long game where he seemed to lose a pawn early. In time-pressue, his doughty defence couldn't quite save the game. So well done to Atticus 2 - it looks set to be a competitive season.


Relegation decider

Aigburth 2  2½-5½  Atticus 1, MCA League Division One, Wednesday April 19 2017

173 G Lilley  0  1 J Redmond 203
169 M Cooksey  0  1 D Foord 197
169 I Campbell  ½  ½ N Martin 190
154 D Pearcey  0  1 B Ewart 159
152 JN Hawkins  ½  ½ D Rooney 135
142 D Rowlandson  1  0 J Wiseman 126
125 S Gerrard  0  1 T Webb 129
131 F Molnar  ½  ½ S Bannerjee 116

Atticus 1 travelled to Aigburth for the last match of the season, which was (almost) a relegation decider. For Aigburth 2 to stay up, they needed at least a draw and to hope that their FIrst team beat Waterloo (the matches were played side-by-side.) In the event Waterloo beat Aigburth 1 anyway - so congratulations to them for staying up. Meanwhile we got the better of Aigburrth 2, despite missing three of our regulars. The match was effectively decided on Boards 5-8 where we split the points despite some rating disadvantage. Dominic had a convincing win in a French Tarrasch, coming up with an imaginative pawn sacrifice and gradually strangling his opponent (not literally.) I got a highly favourable French structure by transposition on Board 1 against Graham and was able to crash through on the K-side. Tom Webb played a great game with some adroit use of in-between moves finishing off his opponent. Brian had an early grip against Dave Pearcey's Bird, winning a piece and keeping central domination. Keeping things solid. Derek had a very creditable draw against Nick which got down to a complicated-looking Q+B ending. Sanjoy had the better of his draw, and was perhaps unlucky not to get the full point. Nick Martin was up against his old foe, Ian, and neither side made too much progress. Jim seemed to be holding into the ending but dropped a piece and then went down to a mating attack. Commiserations to Aigburth 2, then, but they will be favourites to bounce back up next year.

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