Tough Encounter

Atticus 1  5-3  Wallasey, MCA League Divison One, Monday February 6 2017

203 J Redmond  1  0 M Coffey 166
197 D Foord  0  1 G Hughes 160
188 D James  1  0 J Povall 149
190 N Martin  ½  ½ S Smiley 154
169 N Wall  ½  ½ EA Taylor 150
159 B Ewart  1  0 M Spriggs 140
154 J Lambert  ½  ½ A Roberts 139
135 D Rooney  ½  ½ M Hargreaves 119
     5  3    

To be fair to Wallasey, they were heavily out-rated in this encounter and did well to come close to a drawn match. Derek had a fairly quick draw with White and was swiftly followed into the clubhouse by Nick Martin. John and Nick Wall had more drawn-out encounters which also ended peacefully. On Board 2, Dominic ran into trouble not long out of the opening, first saccing a pawn but then ending up with 2 Bishops against a Rook and a couple of pawns - and not enough compensation. Always dangerous with White, Brian recorded a victory at a critical time in the match. Dave James got a typical Scheveningen structure which he used to grind down his opponent. In my game, I got an unorthodox Hedgehog as Black and, after getting in the usual b5 break, was always edging it. So not an entirely convincing win for the home side but we remain well up the table.

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