Atticus Open: Round 6 report

Nearly a full house settled down to play as the mellifluous sounds of soul music from the bar crept through to the playing area. Not that anyone`s concentration seemed to be affected however as some great battles began to take shape. Dave Lawson was intent on keeping Luke guessing as to when he was eventually going to castle. Mike Coffey`s central pawn thrust led to the win of an exchange against John Lambert., but the latters` bishops looked a bit handy David Odunaiya played an adventurous g4 in an attempt to unsettle Steven Carr, but what next?. Tom Bimpson looked to have taken a grip on Nigel Hobro`s queenside pawn structure, but the latter was wearing a rather impressive Stiga table-tennis top, but would this be enough? Greg Hughes boldly sacced two pawns for some open channels to Brian Ewart`s king. Chris Wentworth`s game looked dead even against Mark Wadsworth. Steve Philp gained a pawn and space against Jeremy. Natasha likewise had some space against Rob Greaves but her c5 pawn push seemed good for Rob. Steve Winstanley pushed Josh right back and he was eagerly looking for the finish. Ben was waiting for Phil to show for their match but alas this didn`t happen.

Then, as Mary Wells` `My Guy` seeped through to our ears, Tom Bimpson clinched his game against Nigel. David Odunaiya carelessly dropped his knight and the game against Steven Carr, and Rob was intent on collecting a significant pawn advantage against Natasha, which then became a piece for the win. The Jackson Five`s `I want you back` saw Steve Winstanley drop one of his winning central pawns and thereafter capitulate against Josh, who did find some good defensive moves. Mike Coffey couldn`t find the right square for his queen as John Lambert crashed through on his dark squares to win. With accurate and subtle play Dave Lawson undermined Luke`s attacking chances and his positional advantage grew smoothly for the win: and the first of David`s games to be featured on Game of the Week (although in truth I might have chosen any of his games so far).

Finally there were the endgames. Greg won the exchange against Brian and that was enough. Mark won a pawn against Chris and this became two for the win. Steve Philp versus Jeremy was a battle of the serene countenances, with Jeremy`s faint smile managing to hold his position against Steve`s more philosophical gait for the draw.

...And now we move on to Round 7. See you all next week!

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