Luke triumphs in Manchester!

Luke Boumphrey, yes that guy one can seldom analyse no more than just a few moves with before a bold sacrifice is offered, showed just who the daddy is by winning the Manchester Open in style!

Manchester Open

1: Luke Boumphrey 167 Atticus 4/5

1: Adam Ashton 229 3Cs 4/5

1: Joseph McPhillips 221 Bolton 4/5


4: Stephen Kee 178 Atticus 3.5/5

4: Mike Surtees 200 Great Lever 3.5/5

4: Jamie Horton 190 3CS 3.5/5


What a birthday weekend for an inspired Luke, whose game showed his usual tactical sharpness (his final game to follow) but with added positional and endgame finesse. Yours truly was devastated to lose a £5 personal bet with Luke as to who would finish the higher but there is no doubt that Atticus were the winners. Luke picking up a cool £££££ for winning and I a cool £££ for the grading prize. It was great to see Farhad there also, still bearing his Atticus designation. Sir Alex Ferguson will be turning in his retirement mausoleum...


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