The Atticus matches in 4NCL can be followed live now on lichess, once you have signed up you just need the username of the players to follow the games,you can follow all games by opening up more lichess windows.

  Hatch End A 1802   Atticus B 1847
471 w Phillips, William
  1870 e - Boumphrey, Luke S
  2020 e
472 b Breed, Greg J
  1825 e - Rothwell, James P
  1892 e
473 w Hayali, Laith
  1757 c - Lambert, John F
  1757 c
474 b Pattni, Kishan
  1757 e - Banerjee, Sanjoy K


  Arkell's Angels 2347   Atticus A 2219
111 w Arkell, Keith C
g 2429 - Redmond, John P.
  2327 e
112 b Neelotpal, Das
g 2425 - Kennaugh, Charles W
f 2249
113 w Littlewood, Paul E
i 2347 - Kee, Steve
  2155 e
114 b Friedgood, David
f 2188 - James, David J

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