We had a tough time in the latest round.

Atticus A 1 - 3 Gonzaga

  John Redmond 0 1 IM Sam Collins  
  Charlie Kennaugh 0 1 FM Tarunkanyamarala  
  Steve Kee ½ ½ FM Killian Delaney  
  Dave James ½ ½ Stepen Moran  
    1 3    

Our second team also had a tough time.

Atticus B 1½-2½ Catford Cosmonauts 3

1892e James Rothwell ½ ½ Stakhey Sedykh 1772e
1720e Sanjoy Banerjee 0 1 Cem Oyvat 1667c
1675c Steve Burge 1 0 Anthony Foreman 1532c
1660c Mark Wadsworth 0 1 Cristiano Marchettini 1382c


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