Although there were some bright spots, Round 7 was a tough experience for the Atticus teams again..

Atticus A  1½-2½  Wood Green Monarchs

2327e John Redmond  1  0 IM Joseph McPhillips 2425
2249 FM Charlie Kennaugh  0  1 IM David FItzsimons 2334
2155e Steve Kee  0  1 IM Jovanka Houska 2381
2147e FM David James ½ ½ FM Michael De Verdier 2302

In this match we were out-rated on every board, and facing a team of three IMs and one FM. Steve had a tough time in his favoured Bird's Opening - he managed to make progress on both wings but IM Houska - who is quite a classical player - made a more decisive breakthrough in the centre. Charlie had good chances to draw a Rook ending. According to him, he had "eight different moves" which drew, but instead played a ninth - which lost. Dave James had more success on the Black side of a Queen's Indian. White emerged from the opening with the two Bishops but Dave had a strong Knight on d4 and always looked actively-placed. In the end White decided to sac an exchange in order to force a draw. In my own game, my opponent went straight down a line where I have had a lot of success - the Delayed Exchange Variation of the King's Indian (I think I am 5-0 with this in 'serious' games.) This is a harmless line if Black is happy to draw, but if Black wants to win (and why else play the King's Indian?) it can be surprisingly harmful. Black went wrong early (arguably, after move 9, he was lost) and the game was over in 22 moves. 

Bon Accord B 3½-½ Atticus B

1872 Richard Jennings  1  0 Luke Boumphrey 2020e
1820 Theodoros Vasilidias  1  0 Steve Burge 1675c
1757c Ross Brennan  1  0 Mark Wadsworth 1660c
1757e Alisdair McLeod ½ ½ Jim Wiseman 1622e

I also did not see anything of the games in our Division 4 match. We had no success on Boards 1-3. Jim Wiseman felt he should have won his game and was a bit disappointed with his draw. 

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