Atticus A  ½-3½  Brentwood A, Division One 4NCL Online,  March 9th 2021 

2298 John Redmond ½ ½ IM Richard Pert 2513
2239 FM Charlie Kennaugh 0 1 FM David Haydon 2435
2147 FM Dave James 0 1 Karl Bowden 2340
2098 Steve Kee 0 1 Russell White 2105


In this match we were facing higher-rated opposition. Charlie faced a dark-square clamp on the Black side of the Reti, missing one or two tactical opportunities to free himself. Steve Kee also conceded space in the opening and was unable to 'break out'. Dave described his game as being messy before it got away from him near the end. I got a level-ish position in the Anglo-Catalan until I unwittingly disimproved on theory. Still my position was compact even after I won a pawn and gave it back and so my opponent offered a relatively early draw.


Atticus B  ½-3½  MCS Oxford A, Division Three 4NCL Online, March 9th 2021 

1877 James Rothwell 0 1 Tom Shepherd 2018
1680 Steve Burge 0 1 Hari Selveraj 1934
1666 Mark Wadsworth 0 1 Hou Ning Zhou 1830
1480 John Lawton ½ ½ Samir Khan 1664


While John Lawton managed a creditable draw we had difficulties on the other boards. Typical hard going in the 4NCL!

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