After the Tournament

Dear All,

In these Corona-dominated times, we at Atticus Chess Club decided to uphold our tradition and to play the tenth Atticus Open/Summer Tournament for the first time online on This was a challenge as we had never done this before.

A great 'thank you' to all Players

First of all I want to thank you all for your very good co-operation. Thanks to you and your fair-spiritedness the whole tournament has been a great success. You players are the real winners of the tenth Atticus Open/Summer Tournament. You made it possible.

There were no real problems: You co-operated and rearranged games whenever necessary. Thank you for creating no conflicts. It was a pleasure to be your tournament controller.

I hope you enjoyed our tenth Atticus Open/Summer Tournament at least as well as I did.

After the game: Honouring those who lost

The winner takes all glory of his victory, and the one who lost the game gets the shame? But no, a chess game is a piece of art, created by the interaction of two artists, or one may call them players. Every move is the result of the intellect, creativity, ideas, thoughts, knowledge and psychology of the players and the position on the board. Often there is no best objective move in mathematical and logical terms. A move can be a surprise or completely unexpected or unforeseen. A move can be brilliant or a mistake or a real blunder, everything is possible. It is up to the opponent to prove it. The most important moves are those which are possible but won’t be executed. The heart and soul of a game are the threats and the possibilities, tactical combinations and positional advantages. Does your opponent spot the threats? Does your opponent perceive the deepest secrets of the position? Did your move confuse your opponent? … Step by step, move by move, both players create a unique piece of intellectual art, honouring both, the winner and the looser. Most games end by resigning, congratulating and honouring the opponent, paying tribute to his performance and value the game as an intellectual piece of art. My congratulations to both players!


I am not aware of any cheating in this tournament. If someone cheated, then he has to live with this shame, his guilty conscience and his moral failures.

The Winners

We congratulate Colin Horton for winning the tournament: Gold Medal.

We congratulate Peter O’Driscoll for second place, winning the Silver Medal.

We congratulate David James for third place, winning the Bronze Medal.

We congratulate Roland Howorka for improving his rating most. His grade improved by 91 points.

We congratulate Peter Jenner and Sanjoy Banerjee for the long and very interesting endgame in round 8. It was a draw.


For the complete table, please follow this link:

10. Atticus Open/Summer Tournament 2020: Table

For all pairings and games please follow this link:

10. Atticus Open/Summer Tournament 2020: Pairing list

All games are available for replay on our website:

10. Atticus Open/Summer Tournament 2020

You will find the unofficial grading analysus here:

10. Atticus Open/Summer Tournament 2020: Unofficial Grading Analysis

Highlights of this Tournament

There were many very interesting games, good combinations and, as we are only normal humans, some blunders. Let me highlight some games:

Round 3, Board 2: Peter O'Driscoll -v- Michael O'Mahony 1/2-1/2

Round 3, Board 4: Peter Jenner -v- Phil Ramsey 1/2-1/2

Round 4, Board 6: Martin Blasczyk -v- Sanjoy Banerjee 1/2-1/2

Round 8, Board 11: Buedel, Juergen -v- Payne, Kenneth 1:0

Round 8, Board 4: Tom Webb -v- Steve Burge 0-1


Many of the players have sent me their expressions of gratitude and their compliments. Thank you for this, it is very much appreciated.

Have a nice summer break and stay healthy!

All the best,


Comments about our tournament:

Kenneth Payne, Southport Chess Club: Thanks for all you've done to make this a great tournament. I've learned a lot from playing and I've really enjoyed the games.

Roland Howorka, FS 98 Dortmund: Hallo Martin,

Danke für das tolle Turnier.

Thank you for the great tournament.

Viele Grüße Roland

Lee Webster, Heywood Chess Club: Thanks for organising the Summer tournament, despite my abysmal play I enjoyed it!

Peter O'Driscoll, Waterloo Chess Club: Many thanks, it was good to have a match on Monday nights.

Steve Kee, Atticus Chess Club: Thank you very much for organising this Martin. Great job!

Phil Ramsey,  Southport Chess Club: Just a quick message to thank you very much for organising the summer tournament, I enjoyed it very much.

Steve Burge, Atticus Chess Club: A great Tournament, well done Martin, many thanks Steve.

Sanjoy Banerjee, Atticus Chess Club: A great report, and nice to see it on the website as well.  Thanks Martin for organising it so well, and congratulations to all for a really fun event!

Dave James, Aticus Chess Club: Thank you for organising a very enjoyable tournament.

Joe Butterworth, Precot & Knotty Ash Chess Club: I thoroughly enjoyed the tournament. I hope we can do something similar again.

Kevin Sartain, Precot & Knotty Ash Chess Club: Many thanks for organising such an excellent tournament 





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