How to challange your opponent

If you play with white, you have to challange your opponent on
Sign in with your own Lichess username.
Click on the name of your opponent => his Lichess-Profile opens
Click on the "Crossed Swords"-Icon to challange him
Choose these settings:
- Variant: Standard
- Time control: Real Time, Minutes per side: 60, Increment in seconds: 30
- Rated (to enable the anti-cheating-system of Lichess)
- now click on the "white king"-icon and wait

After your opponent accepted your challange the game starts.

The winner has to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. per e-mail.

Alphabetical List of all Players,
directly linked to their Lichess-Profiles

Banerjee, Sanjoy
Blasczyk, Martin
Boumphrey, Luke

Buerdel, Juergen
Burge, Steve
Burr, Chris
Butterworth, Joseph

Coffey, Michael

Griese, Andreas

Horton, Colin D
Howorka , Roland

James, Dave
Jenner,  Peter

Kee, Stephen

Lawton, John

O’Driscoll, Peter
O’Mahony, Michael

Payne, Kenneth

Ramsey, Phil

Sartain, Kevin
Scaife, Luke

Webb, Tom
Webster, Lee
Williams, John
Winstanley, Steve
Wiseman, Jim

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