After some delay due to the Covid situation, the 2021 Atticus Summer Tournament finally kicked off on Monday evening.  The format has been adjusted this year to a six round Swiss due to the limited entry.

Board 1: Steve Kee v Sanjoy Banerjee

In a reverse Dragon, I took the fight to Steve with a swashbuckling kingside attack.  He defended manfully and we eventually agreed a peaceful conclusion after 29 moves.

Board 2: Ben Ellington v Luke Boumphrey

Ben and Luke reached a queenless middlegame in the Dragon with Ben an exchange up, which he later converted to a rook for three pawns.  But with time running out he was unable to see it home and Luke used his experience and guile to harvest the full point.

Board 3: Colin Horton v Mark Wadsworth

Colin appeard to seize a middlegame advantage and never relinquished it.

Board 4: Tom Webb v Mike Coffey

Tom was two pawns ahead, and both kings were exposed, but Tom's king was central and Mike increased the pressure to smash through.

Board 5: Brian Ewart v Steve Winstanley

Steve put up a valiant fight, but Brian proved too strong.


For details please visit The Jim Wiseman and Dave Hurley Open 2021

or click on the link Wiseman-Hurley Open at CLM

Draw for Round Two:
1. Luke Boumphrey v Brian Ewart
2. Mike Coffey v Colin Horton
3. Steve Burge v Steve Kee
4. Sean Kane v Brendan Kane
5. Sanjoy Banerjee v Peter Jenner
6. Steve Winstanley v Ben Ellington
7. Mark Wadsworth v Tom Webb

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