Results from Round 3:

Colin Horton ½-½ Luke Boumphrey
Steve Kee 1-0 Mike Coffey
Brian Ewart 1-0 Ben Ellington
Brendan Kane ½-½ Tom Webb
Sanjoy Banerjee 1-0 Peter Jenner
Steve Winstanley 0-1 Steve Burge


Board 1: Colin Horton v Luke Boumphrey

The first to finish after both players entered a supposedly drawish line in the Dragon.  However, later analysis showed there was considerable bite below the surface, where either combatant could have prospered or been sunk.  A share of the spoils a fair result.

Board 2: Steve Kee v Mike Coffey

Mike's opening preparation led to a very reasonable position against the English, however, his position became quite passive, his play restricted by Steve's advancing kingside pawns, and this in turn led to a winning attack from Steve.

Board 3: Brian Ewart v Ben Ellington

The players somehow played this game with colours reversed from the published draw, with Ben taking the white pieces.  In a game that showed the considerable skill of both players, Brian's experience and nous was ultimately telling, as he deployed a strong defensive set-up in the Rauser, where the latent power of the bishop pair proved irresistible in the long term.

Board 4: Brendan Kane v Tom Webb

A Smith-Morra - it ended all square with an agreed draw on move 37.  Black kept hold of the gambited pawn but the pawn structure was blocked with no way through.

Board 5: Sanjoy Banerjee v Peter Jenner

In an exchange Caro, black dropped a central pawn in the opening, but found an energetic plan by keeping the king in the centre and thrusting forward on the kingside.  White had to tread with care to keep the game under wraps, but ultimately found a way to trade into a winning endgame.

Board 6: Steve Winstanley v Steve Burge

In a really open game both sides fought to advance on opposite sides of board. As the game progressed black had a good advantage but Steve Winstanley managed to turn things around but used up too much time to keep on top, and things had turned again as his flag fell.


Standings after Round 3

2.5/3.0 Luke Boumphrey, Steve Kee
2.0/3.0 Colin Horton, Brian Ewart
1.5/3.0 Mike Coffey, Brendan Kane, Tom Webb, Sanjoy Banerjee, Steve Burge
1.0/3.0 Ben Ellington, Peter Jenner
0.0/3.0 Steve Winstanley


Draw for Round 4

Luke Boumphrey (2.5) v Steve Kee (2.5)
Brian Ewart (2) v Colin Horton (2)
Mike Coffey (1.5) v Steve Burge (1.5)
Tom Webb (1.5) v Sanjoy Banerjee (1.5)
Ben Ellington (1.0) v Brendan Kane (1.5)
Peter Jenner (1.0) v Steve Winstanley (0.0)

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