Bank Holiday Blitz May 27th


To celebrate Phil Hopkins visit to Liverpool and Atticus Chess Club we are holding an informal 10 mins (for each player) blitz tournament. We will meet at the Cross Keys at 1pm on Monday 27th May. All members are welcome to attend. Please contact me by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you intend to play so I have an idea of the numbers involved. Luke and I are hoping to run the tournament. We will finish before 6pm as the pub closes early.



Huddersfield Congress


Phil Hopkins is returning for a weekend of chess at the Huddersfield Chess Congress from Friday 24th May 2019 to Sunday 26th May 2019 (Bank Holiday Weekend). The format is a 6 round Swiss tournament. Open, Major (U 166), Minor (U 126). The venue is Huddersfield Ukrainian Club. It would be fantastic if members of Atticus Chess Club could join us and play in the event. Steve Philp is hoping to come over from Hull to play in the event. Phil now has an ECF grade of 187 and will of course play in the Open. I will be playing in the Major. I will bring some entry forms down to the club each Monday evening over the next few weeks, or you can enter online. Please let me know if you are going to be there.

If you are unable to attend the Congress we hope to be at the club on Monday 27th May to play some blitz chess!!


Mark Wadsworth


Malcolm Pein Visits our Club Tonight 15/4/19

It was great to see IM Malcolm Pein back in Liverpool and visiting our Club tonight. Malcolm was at a Conference today in his role as CEO of Chess in schools. He is also Tournament Director and Organiser of the London Chess Classic. 


Atticus 2 beat Hoylake 8/4/19

194 A Stancak 1 0 D Tebb 207
195 S Kee 0.5 0.5 T Carroll 197
172 T Bimpson 0.5 0.5 M Stone 180
176 J Williams 1 0 M Smith 177
152 B Ewart 0 1 P Holian 149
153 D Stuttard 1 0 M Stoddart 136
131 M Williams 0.5 0.5 M Carroll 101
120 S Burge 0.5 0.5 A Clarke 103
    5 3    

A great victory tonight for Atticus 2 over this years Champions Hoylake. This was  Hoylake's first defeat of the season and now gives the Atticus team an opportunity to maintain their record of finishing in the top 2 places for the last 6 seasons.

Board 1.  Andrej kept up the pressure throughout the game and with time running out mangaged to force an error and a rare defeat for Captain Dave Tebb

Board 2 . Steve Kee was in a buoyant mood following his excellent performance in the Chester Rapid Play Tournament yesterday( Steve managed to beat IM Gary Quillan and pushed GM Stephen Gordon all the way) . Steve was up against Frodsham Open champion Thomas Carroll and Steve posed many problems but Tom was up for the challenge and eventually a draw was agreed.

Board 3 Tom Bimpson was able to equalise against Mike Stones early pressure and with an edge near the end Tom agreed a draw to the teams advanatage.

Board 4 John Williams had a big time advantage and was able to create a lot of pressure causing an error by his opponent.

Board 5 Brian Ewart seemed to be well in charge and was offered a draw by his opponent,Brian declined and pressed hard for the win but Peter Holian fought back well and turned the tables.

Board 6 Dave Stuttard had another early victory following some fine tactical play in the opening.

Board 7 Mike Williams got a useful draw. Michael Carroll played a vey decent game.

Board 8 Another fantastic GM draw for the Captain.




Atticus 2 are 600 League Winners 3/4/19

Atticus 2 completed their 600 League Fixtures on Wednesday night and despite a disappointing loss against Waterloo finished as worthy Champions with 9/10 victories. 

Our thanks to all the players who contributed to this successful season.

Nick Martin 5/8,Brian Ewart 6.5/9,John Lambert 6.5/9,Steve Philp 1.5/2,Steve Burge 4/7, Martin Blasczyk 0.5/1, James Rothwell 1.5/2, Jim McCarthy 1/1, Ben Ellington 1/1


Big Night of Chess 3/4/19


A very  exciting night of Competitive Chess at the Cross Keys.

4 teams were in action and 20 boards in use. Thanks to Luke for helping out with the organisation. Great wins for Atticus 1 and 2 in the Wirral League. A useful draw for Atticus 5 in Division 4 but a surprising loss for Champions Atticus 2 in the 600 League.

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