Atticus 2 return to winning ways. 15/2/18

A convincing victory tonight for Atticus 2 over Wallsey 6-2. After a couple of draws and a defeat against Atticus 1 the team got back on track again. With Andrej Stancak and Andrea Brecevich unavailable the team was slightly under strength. A couple of early draws seemed to give us the edge. Some good wins again for Steve Kee,Tom Bimpson,Giorgos Christodoulou,Brian Ewart and Dave Stuttard.A  very rare loss( the first in almost 2 years) for David Odunaiya.

166 D Clark 0 1 S Kee 196
163 C Hughes 0 1 T Bimpson 179
160 G Hughes 1 0 D Odunaiya 181
157 C Latham 0 1 G Christodoulou 186
150 J Povall 0 1 B Ewart 162
147 EA Taylor 0 1 D Stuttard 141
141 A Roberts 0.5 0.5 M Williams 135
129 M Spriggs 0.5 0.5 S Burge 127
    2 6    


Atticus 2 draw again 23/1/18

Atticus 2 had a tough draw tonight in a closely fought game against Hoylake. Excellent wins again for Steve Kee,David Odunaiya and John Williams. This result leaves the team with a good record of 5 wins and 2 draws at the half way point of the season. We are now looking forward to the big derby match on Monday Night.Ahead of this game the team will be moving to the AlphaZero training camp for the weekend.

Some big leaps in grades for the players In January following some excellent performances in recent months.

204 D Tebb 1 0 A Stancak 200
192 T Carroll 0 1 S Kee 196
190 M Stone 1 0 Default  0
149 T Jones 0 1 D Odunaiya 181
148 M Stoddart 1 0 G Christodoulou 186
140 B Vasiev 0 1 J Williams 162
123 H Griffiths 0.5 0.5 B Ewart 162
108 R Tatar 0.5 0.5 S Burge 127
    4 4    


Atticus 2 Draw with Widnes 17/1/18

Atticus 2 run of 11 consecutive wins came to end tonight when Widnes deservedly held on for a share of the points. Widnes have been under strength this season but the new look team still has some decent quality and determination. Andrej was missing tonight but we still fielded a strong line-up.It was to nice to see a great Queen Sac from Dave Stuttard to give an early point. Mike Williams looked to be ahead but made a slight miscalculation and credit to his opponent for taking full advantage.Convincing wins from John Williams and David Odunaiya( David and Giorgos are now both on 5.5/6.0).

M Ellis  184 0.5 0.5 S Kee 190
T Dugdale 173 1 0 T Bimpson 181
M Connor 147 0 1 D Odunaiya 177
G Ellis 148 0.5 0.5 G Christodoulou 172
A Reynolds 150 1 0 B Ewart 159
L Walls 127 0 1 J Williams 162
I Magee 130 0 1 D Stuttard 147
P Doherty 126 1 0 M Williams 145
    4 4    


Atticus 5 move to the top 8/1/18

Atticus 5 had another good victory tonight,this time over Wallasey D.The Final score 3.5-2.5,this puts the team on top of the league at this stage of the season.Their star player Ben Ellington had to drop out in unfortunate circumstances but Dave Hurley stepped in at short notice.Dave produced an excellent performance for an early point for the team. Other Victories for Natasha May,Geoff Jones and a draw for for Jeremy Hawthorn saw the team through to victory. Captain Steve Winstanely has organised and motivated the team well in this new(higher division ).Some useful contributions from Neil Tabor and Peter Ferret have also helped the team along the way.

Atticus Host Rapid Play Match 29/12/17

Atticus hosted a team from Club Ajedrez Ateneo Pablo Inglesias- Elche(ELX) Spain last Friday Night. The game was arranged at very short notice following a request from Liverpool Chess Club earlier in the week. The team faced Liverpool on Thursday night and were keen to play a rapid match on the Friday. An Atticus team was hastily assembled and a Xmas day phone call to the Cross Keys gave the go ahead.Apologies to any other Atticus players who would like to have been involved but we had to assemble a team of 6 players quickly and with similar strength to their team. In the event we played 3 rounds of 25 minute games. We won one of the rounds but the Final Score was 11-7 to our Spanish friends.

Their Captain Gustavo presented a Replica Bust of Iberian Artefact the Lady of Elche to the Club. They have invited us to a return match in Elche(near Alicante) if anyone would like to take up the offer?


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