Atticus Host Rapid Play Match 29/12/17

Atticus hosted a team from Club Ajedrez Ateneo Pablo Inglesias- Elche(ELX) Spain last Friday Night. The game was arranged at very short notice following a request from Liverpool Chess Club earlier in the week. The team faced Liverpool on Thursday night and were keen to play a rapid match on the Friday. An Atticus team was hastily assembled and a Xmas day phone call to the Cross Keys gave the go ahead.Apologies to any other Atticus players who would like to have been involved but we had to assemble a team of 6 players quickly and with similar strength to their team. In the event we played 3 rounds of 25 minute games. We won one of the rounds but the Final Score was 11-7 to our Spanish friends.

Their Captain Gustavo presented a Replica Bust of Iberian Artefact the Lady of Elche to the Club. They have invited us to a return match in Elche(near Alicante) if anyone would like to take up the offer?


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