Atticus 2 Claim the MCA Title 2018

196 S Kee 1 0 R Williamson 214
179 T Bimpson 0.5 0.5 B Kane 173
181 D Odunaiya 1 0 G Cohen 171
162 B Ewart 0 1 J Faulkner 161
153 A Brecevich 0.5 0.5 S Lee 161
135 M Williams 0 1 D Eisen 153
131 J Wiseman 0.5 0.5 A Mcnamara 144
127 S Burge 0.5 0.5 S Kane 110
    4 4    

A 4-4 draw tonight gave Atticus 2 their 3rd Championship in 5 years. It was looking unlikely tonight as Aigburth looked to be well in control. Both sides had a few players missing and the match looked well balanced on paper. Some early draws for Jim Wiseman and myself seemed a reasonable return but Tom looked to be under some pressure with his King left in the centre. Andrea Brecevich was causing some problems for Steve Lee but was a pawn down and open on the back rank.Mike Williams sacced a piece for a few pawns and some possible pressure. Brian seemed to be on the back foot against James Faulkner. Fortunately Steve Kee looked to have a better postion against Roger Williamson( our Club Summer Tournament Winner) and David Odunaiya had the edge against Gerry Cohen. However as the night progressed Tom and Andrea managed to get a draw but Brian and Mike lost out leaving the score 4-2 in Aigburths favour. Suddenly Gerry equalised against David and looked as though he had would have winning chances but somehow the "the Miracle Man" worked his magic and Gerry made an unlikely blunder. So it was up to Steve Kee who needed a victory to secure the title against Roger who he had never beaten. Roger was in a losing position but created many problems for Steve with the clock running out. With less than a minute left Steve managed to a win a piece following a knight check and give us a great 4-4 draw.  Well done to all the players who have contributed to another great season.

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