Atticus 2 beat Widnes 3/4/17

Before the match,Atticus 2 remained 3 points ahead of Atticus 1 with just 2 games remaining. However it was important to keep focused with 2 tough fixtures coming up against Widnes and Hoylake. We were uncertain as to which Widnes team we might be facing as the line up had varied a lot this season. Andy Kelly has been much missed in his normal role as Widnes Captain this season and hopefully he will be back featuring again soon.

There was some confusion as to the actual board order of their team and unfortunately Gareth (acting Captain) arrived quite late.

Widnes were not at full strength but as usual put up a great fight.

Final Score 5-3

Good wins for Atticus players David Lawson,Steve Kee,Andrej Stancak,Tom Bimpson and David Odunaiya(making him this years MCA player of the season)

This leaves the team with an excellent record of 24/26 points and worthy Champions.

199 G Sala 0 1 M Mazek 188
197 D Lawson 1 0 G Ellis 139
199 A Stancak 1 0 S Potter 163
185 S Kee 1 0 T Dugdale 171
184 T Bimpson 1 0 M Connor 150
175 D Odunaiya 1 0 I Magee 128
166 D Healiss 0 1 P Doherty UG
154 M Williams 0 1 L Walls UG
    5 3    


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