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League Controller:
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Atticus 1 draw with Aigburth

Atticus 1  4-4  Aigburth, MCA League Division One, Monday February 26 2018.

200 J Redmond ½ ½ R Williamson 214
193 D James 1 0 B Kane 173
183 N Martin 0 1 G Cohen 171
170 L Boumphrey 1 0 J Faulkner 161
163 J Rothwell ½ ½ S Lee 153
142 J Lambert 0 1 P Bernhard 158
135 D Rooney 0 1 R Frith 153
137 C Wentworth 1 0 S Gerrard 150
    4 4    

Quite a competitive match. Luke managed a speedy win which made us optimistic. Roger arrived with one minute to spare before a possible default, then managed to hold a pawn-down endgame. James had a lively tussle with Steve then split the points. Rob Frith brought down Derek and Nick got a lost ending but we fought back with wins for Chris and Dave. In the end, the match came down to Board 6, where Peter Berhard managed to edge out John, thus saving the match for Aigburth. 

Successful trip to Waterloo

Waterloo  2½-5½  Atticus 1, MCA League Division One, Monday February 19 2018

223 G Quillan 1 0 D Foord 202
187 C Horton ½ ½ J Redmond 200
152 G Williamson ½ ½ N Martin 183
155 P O'Driscoll 0 1 J Rothwell 163
136 G Solomon 0 1 J Lambert 142
133 B Jenkins 0 1 D Rooney 134
132 S Bradshaw ½ ½ C Wentworth 137
UG P Treble 0 1 S Philp 130

Atticus 1 went back into the top half of the table with a useful away win. Dominic had a tough assignment against IM Quillan, ultimately getting into a Q+B ending a pawn down. Nick looked to have a big position on Board 3 on the White side of a Dutch but it fizzled out to a draw. I had a steady game against Colin, with neither side claiming much advantage. Chris, who was an exchange up at one point, went for a draw in time-pressure. James had a hairy position early on - his opponent apparently may have missed a mate - but battled back to finish with his own mating attack. Derek had a good win in a Pirc-style position. John Lambert developed his Q-side pressure into a Rook and minor piece ending where he was a pawn up, duly converting. Steve had a fine win on Board 8.

Atticus 1 take a hiding

Hoylake  6-2  Atticus 1, MCA League Division One, Tuesday Feb 6 2018

204 D Tebb  1  0 J Redmond 200
192 T Carroll  1  0 D Lawson 189
190 M Stone  ½ ½ D James 193
172 M Smith  1  0 N Martin 183
149 T Jones  ½ ½ J Rothwell 163
148 M Stoddart  0  1 J Lambert 142
149 P Holian  1  0 D Rooney 135
123 H Griffiths  1  0 C Wentworth 137
     6  2    

The home side, fielding one of their strongest line-ups of the season, thoroughly outplayed Atticus and only John Lambert managed a victory for us. Chris and Derek were in trouble from early on. Dave Lawson got a bad version of a French Tarrasch, I lost from a winning Benoni-type position, and Nick also went down. James looked to be winning after a promising piece sac but only drew. Dave James concluded an early peace with Mike Stone. A poor performance by the visitors.

Atticus 1 snatch victory

Atticus 2  3-5  Atticus 1, MCA League Division One, Monday January 29 2018

200 A Stancak  0  1 J Redmond 200
196 S Kee  0  1 D Foord 202
179 T Bimpson  0  1 D James 193
181 D Odunaiya ½ ½ N Martin 183
186 G Christodoulou  0  1 J Rothwell 163
162 B Ewart ½ ½ J Lambert 142
153 A Brecevich  1  0 D Rooney 135
135 M Williams  1  0 C Wentworth 137
     3  5    

A very tight derby - it began well for Atticus 1, as Dave James, with a bit of move-order trickery, had a very quick victory over Tom. However, things started looking dubious for us on the lower boards - Derek was down a pawn and James was down the exchange. Chris went down to Mike's forceful play and Derek, after a long fight, went down to Andrea. Balancing this out,against Andrej I had a good outing with Arthur the a-pawn - I got it all the way to a6 which combined with a Bishop on g2 sufficed for a win. John and Brian, meanwhile, developed a 'heavy' middlegame position where there was much scope for maneuvering - and promptly agreed a draw. So, with an even score, it came down to the last 3 games. Boards 4 and 5 were critical - Giorgos was in an ending still up an exchange but James, with the clock on his side, found a nasty pin and fought back to win. Dave Odunaiya had good winning chances with an extra pawn and a big time-edge over Nick, but then exchanged down into a drawn K+P ending. Dominic needed only a draw to secure the match, but having secured the two Bishops in the opening had gone a pawn up and rightly pressed his advantage home for victory. So, although Atticus 2 remain favourites for the title, the League has been made a little more interesting.


Victory over Formby

Atticus 1  5-3  Formby, MCA League Division One, Monday December 4 2017

202 J Redmond  ½  ½ ED Williams 182
169 L Boumphrey  ½  ½ G Haslinger 173
156 J Rothwell  1  0 D Colbourne 158
150 J Lambert  ½  ½ M Haslinger 148
135 M Wadsworth  ½  ½ CP Fisher 145
134 D Rooney  1  0 M Barooah 138
134 C Wentworth  0  1 MD Barrett 112
118 M Blasczyk  +  -  -  
     5  3    

Atticus 1 were missing several top boards for this clash, presenting Formby with a chance to collect some points. In the end, the home side squeezed through, helped by the default on Board 8.  James and Derek led the way with critical victories. John's game was a tough struggle and the last one to finish. Luke managed a draw with White against a 'problem opponent' he has never beaten. Mark played a wild game, a piece down in the middlegame but having some compensation with his opponent's King unstable in the centre. I got into a tricky ending, level in the end but I missed some strong continuations on the way. Chris got into difficulties against Mike and couldn't escape. A decent win for the home side, particularly in the light of the players we were missing.

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