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Atticus complete one-two in Division One

Widnes  2-6  Atticus 1, MCA Division One, Wednesday May 9th 2018

188 M Mazek  0  1 J Redmond 200
188 M Ellis  ½  ½ D James 193
180 T Dugdale  0  1 N Martin 183
169 D McCarthy  ½  ½ L Boumphrey 170
164 P Coughlin  0  1 J Lambert 142
145 M Connor  0  1 D Rooney 135
120 H Draper  0  1 S Philp 125
121 L Walls  1  0 M Blasczyk 118
     2  6    

The result of this match confirmed that Atticus teams would finish in the top two places in the League this season. Both teams were missing a few players and there was not much of a rating difference, so the emphatic victory was a bit of a surprise. Martin went down to some attacking play early on and there were tight draws for Luke and Dave. Derek had a great win against Mike Connor in a typical attacking KID scenario. John Lambert went into an endgame with a positional edge and a huge time advantage, eventually converting. Nick managed to get one of his pawns to e7 early in the middlegame, making a decisive gain of material. I got the two Bishops in a slow Slav but the game was unclear until Black blundered in (my) time-pressure. Steve played out the last Division One game of the season, appearing quite lost at one point, then somehow having an unstoppable attack. 

Honours even

Atticus 1  4-4  Waterloo, MCA League Division One, Monday April 23 2018

200 John Redmond  ½  ½ Gary Quillan 223
163 James Rothwell  ½  ½ Colin Horton 187
142 John Lambert  0  1 Graham Williamson 152
135 Derek Rooney  ½  ½ Peter O'Driscoll 155
137 Chris Wentworth  ½  ½ Graeme Solomon 136
127 Mark Wadsworth  ½  ½ Brian Jenkins 133
125 Steve Philp  1  0 Scott Bradshaw 132
118 Martin Blasczyk  ½  ½ Steve Jenkins 118
     4  4    

An end-of-the-seaon tie with a number of players on both sides missing. Atticus 1 were at a rating disadvantage and did well to achieve a fair result on the night. James continued his excellent season with probably his best result so far, going into a R+N ending a pawn up and making a comfortable draw. Derek got another good result against a higher-rated opponent in a blocked-looking QP game. Mark was somewhat unlucky as - a piece up - he was clearly winning at one stage, but his opponent found attacking resources and achieved a perpetual. Martin and Chris both concluded their games peacefully. In my game, I prepped an ending in Gary's repertoire which I knew to be roughly equal and was able to achieve a drawish double-rook position. Meanwhile John had a tough game where there was a time-scramble with both Kings exposed and all the heavy pieces active. He missed at least one clear win in the chaos before going down on the clock. Steve had a good win on Board 7, always looking in command, and this was enough for a general splitting of points.

Atticus 1 deal blow to Formby

Formby  3½-4½  Atticus 1, MCA League Division One, Tuesday April 10 2018

174 G Haslinger  0  1 D Foord 202
174 ED Williams  0  1 J Redmond 202
158 D Colbourne  ½  ½ D James 193
144 JM Haslinger  1  0 N Martin 183
144 CP Fisher  0  1  J Rothwell 163
137 M Barooah  1   0 J Lambert 142
121 D McKee  ½  ½ D Rooney 135
115 M Barrett  ½  ½ C Wentworth 137

A tough blow for Formby, as this makes it very hard for them to stay up. They nearly got something from this one though as Atticus 1 weren't all that convincing in the match. Dominic won a piece in a double Stonewall position and converted smoothly. James had a good position early on and pressed home his advantage. I made a blunder which could have lost on the spot but instead was only a little worse - Dave felt he needed to go for the win, over-pressed, and fell victim to a mating attack. Nick Martin was a pawn up in an ending, but had difficulties converting - with time running down, he played a loose move close to his King and was instantly lost. John Lambert had little counterplay in his game and went down. The other games concluded peacefully.

Home victory

Atticus 1  5-3  Wallasey, MCA League Division One, Monday March 26 2018

200 J Redmond  1  0 M Coffey 161
193 D James  1  0 G Hughes 160
183 N Martin  1  0 P Brine 155
163 J Rothwell ½  ½ C Latham 157
142 J Lambert ½  ½ J Povall 150
135 D Rooney  0  1 EA Taylor 147
137 C.Wentworth ½  ½ M Spriggs 129
125 S Philp ½  ½ L Wolszczak 128
     5  3    

In truth, the evening belonged to Atticus 2, who deservedly retained their title. In our match, there wasn't too much to play for, except on an individual basis. The top boards came through and this puts us back in the top half of the table. A good night for the club all round.

Atticus 1 draw with Aigburth

Atticus 1  4-4  Aigburth, MCA League Division One, Monday February 26 2018.

200 J Redmond ½ ½ R Williamson 214
193 D James 1 0 B Kane 173
183 N Martin 0 1 G Cohen 171
170 L Boumphrey 1 0 J Faulkner 161
163 J Rothwell ½ ½ S Lee 153
142 J Lambert 0 1 P Bernhard 158
135 D Rooney 0 1 R Frith 153
137 C Wentworth 1 0 S Gerrard 150
    4 4    

Quite a competitive match. Luke managed a speedy win which made us optimistic. Roger arrived with one minute to spare before a possible default, then managed to hold a pawn-down endgame. James had a lively tussle with Steve then split the points. Rob Frith brought down Derek and Nick got a lost ending but we fought back with wins for Chris and Dave. In the end, the match came down to Board 6, where Peter Berhard managed to edge out John, thus saving the match for Aigburth. 

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