Atticus 1 snatch victory

Atticus 2  3-5  Atticus 1, MCA League Division One, Monday January 29 2018

200 A Stancak  0  1 J Redmond 200
196 S Kee  0  1 D Foord 202
179 T Bimpson  0  1 D James 193
181 D Odunaiya ½ ½ N Martin 183
186 G Christodoulou  0  1 J Rothwell 163
162 B Ewart ½ ½ J Lambert 142
153 A Brecevich  1  0 D Rooney 135
135 M Williams  1  0 C Wentworth 137
     3  5    

A very tight derby - it began well for Atticus 1, as Dave James, with a bit of move-order trickery, had a very quick victory over Tom. However, things started looking dubious for us on the lower boards - Derek was down a pawn and James was down the exchange. Chris went down to Mike's forceful play and Derek, after a long fight, went down to Andrea. Balancing this out,against Andrej I had a good outing with Arthur the a-pawn - I got it all the way to a6 which combined with a Bishop on g2 sufficed for a win. John and Brian, meanwhile, developed a 'heavy' middlegame position where there was much scope for maneuvering - and promptly agreed a draw. So, with an even score, it came down to the last 3 games. Boards 4 and 5 were critical - Giorgos was in an ending still up an exchange but James, with the clock on his side, found a nasty pin and fought back to win. Dave Odunaiya had good winning chances with an extra pawn and a big time-edge over Nick, but then exchanged down into a drawn K+P ending. Dominic needed only a draw to secure the match, but having secured the two Bishops in the opening had gone a pawn up and rightly pressed his advantage home for victory. So, although Atticus 2 remain favourites for the title, the League has been made a little more interesting.


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