Atticus 1 deal blow to Formby

Formby  3½-4½  Atticus 1, MCA League Division One, Tuesday April 10 2018

174 G Haslinger  0  1 D Foord 202
174 ED Williams  0  1 J Redmond 202
158 D Colbourne  ½  ½ D James 193
144 JM Haslinger  1  0 N Martin 183
144 CP Fisher  0  1  J Rothwell 163
137 M Barooah  1   0 J Lambert 142
121 D McKee  ½  ½ D Rooney 135
115 M Barrett  ½  ½ C Wentworth 137

A tough blow for Formby, as this makes it very hard for them to stay up. They nearly got something from this one though as Atticus 1 weren't all that convincing in the match. Dominic won a piece in a double Stonewall position and converted smoothly. James had a good position early on and pressed home his advantage. I made a blunder which could have lost on the spot but instead was only a little worse - Dave felt he needed to go for the win, over-pressed, and fell victim to a mating attack. Nick Martin was a pawn up in an ending, but had difficulties converting - with time running down, he played a loose move close to his King and was instantly lost. John Lambert had little counterplay in his game and went down. The other games concluded peacefully.

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