Atticus complete one-two in Division One

Widnes  2-6  Atticus 1, MCA Division One, Wednesday May 9th 2018

188 M Mazek  0  1 J Redmond 200
188 M Ellis  ½  ½ D James 193
180 T Dugdale  0  1 N Martin 183
169 D McCarthy  ½  ½ L Boumphrey 170
164 P Coughlin  0  1 J Lambert 142
145 M Connor  0  1 D Rooney 135
120 H Draper  0  1 S Philp 125
121 L Walls  1  0 M Blasczyk 118
     2  6    

The result of this match confirmed that Atticus teams would finish in the top two places in the League this season. Both teams were missing a few players and there was not much of a rating difference, so the emphatic victory was a bit of a surprise. Martin went down to some attacking play early on and there were tight draws for Luke and Dave. Derek had a great win against Mike Connor in a typical attacking KID scenario. John Lambert went into an endgame with a positional edge and a huge time advantage, eventually converting. Nick managed to get one of his pawns to e7 early in the middlegame, making a decisive gain of material. I got the two Bishops in a slow Slav but the game was unclear until Black blundered in (my) time-pressure. Steve played out the last Division One game of the season, appearing quite lost at one point, then somehow having an unstoppable attack. 

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