Atticus 1 get on the board

Atticus 1 7½-½  Waterloo, MCA League Division One, Monday October 15 2018

205 J Redmond  1  0 C Horton 183
195 D James ½ ½ G.Wlliamson 158
168 J McCarthy  1  0 P O'Driscoll 147
171 N Martin  1  0 G Solomon 135
139 J Lambert  1  0 M Hanlon UG
135 D Rooney  1  0 S Jenkins 110
132 M Wadsworth  1  0 C Burr 106
128 S Philp  1  0 T Scott 89

Atticus 1 beat a much-outrated Waterloo team to gain their first match-points of the season. Steve Philp, in possibly his last game for the club, had a convincing win on Board 8. Hopefully, Steve will not permanently be away from Atticus. Mark Wadsworth gathered an armada of pawns in the centre of the board and drove them to victory. With a nice knight sacrifice on d5, Derek had a smooth victory in a Queen pawn game. John Lambert had a number of adventures on Board 5 - an illegal move was played at one point - but managed to muster a final mating attack. Jim got two Bishops out of the opening and then netted an extra pawn. Nick was early up a piece and converted. Dave James came up against a tough Stonewall and decided that a draw was prudent. I managed a sequence in the middlegame where I gave up a knight for 3 pawns which ended up doing enough damage. This was a tough match for Waterloo who were missing a few players but the home side were happy with a win.

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