Atticus 2 edge the derby

Atticus 2  5-3  Atticus 1, MCA League Division One, Monday January 28th 2019

195 S Kee  0  1 J Redmond 208
172 T Bimpson  1  0 J McCarthy 166
176 J Williams  ½  ½ N Martin 165
170 G Christodoulou  1  0 J Lambert 145
152 B Ewart  ½  ½ D Rooney 132
153 D Stuttard  1  0 M Wadsworth 129
131 M Williams  ½  ½ M Blasczyk 132
135 C Wentworth  ½  ½ T Webb 122
     5  3    

A vital win for Atticus 2 in a difficut season. Both teams had some players missing but we had the advantage on the night with the welcome return of Giorgos Christodoulou to the line-up. On Board 1 Steve Kee had a hard fought match with John Redmond,Steve might have had an edge at one time but John showed some fine play as the clocks ran down.

On board 2 Tom went an exchange down but had a strong Kingside attack as compensation.With extra time on his clock Tom was able to keep setting problems for Jim and this proved a factor as Jim's clock ran out.

On board 3 John might have had an slight edge against Nick but this was soon equalised and an early draw was agreed.

On Board 4 Giorgos had a fairly equal game with John Lambert but time proved a crucial factor as Giorgos was able to pose more problems and eventually win material.

On Board 5 Derek Rooney played a good game and seemed to be on top but Brian fought back to get a draw.

On Board 6 Dave Stuttard had a good win against Mark, Dave kept up his fine attacking style throughout the match.

On Board 7 Mike seemed to set up a winning end game but with time running out Martin found some good moves to force the draw.

On Board 8 Chris Wentworth and Tom Webb played out a very open and interesting draw.


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