A possibly critical victory

Atticus 1  5-3  Wallasey, MCA League Division One, Tuesday February 11 2019

208 J Redmond  1  0 J Rita 172
193 D James  ½  ½ P Davies 168
166 J McCarthy  1  0 D Clark 164
169 J Rothwell  ½  ½ G Hughes 156
165 N Martin  1  0 C Hughes 144
145 J Lambert  0  1 M Coffey 157
132 D Rooney  0  1 C Latham 144
129 M Wadsworth  1  0 L Wolsczak 130
     5  3    

Atticus 1 pushed themselves a little higher up the table, having been close to the 'drop' position for much of the season. Nick had a wild-looking game with both players attacking on opposite wings. At the end he sacced a piece to promote a far-advanced pawn. James Rothwell looked to be a 'banker' victory for much of the match but time-trouble allowed him to fall victim to an equalising knight-fork. Jim steered his game to a Rook ending where he was two pawns up and bagged the point. Dave James looked to have the upper hand in his game, offering an exchange sac on e6, but the iniative seemed to dwindle and he only managed a draw. While I was trying to figure out how to break through on the queenside in a typical French sturucture, my opponent opened the K-side too early and allowed me to switch my pieces and break through on that side. John Lambert, though a pawn up, was run off the clock in a situation where his opponent had an initiative and a central preponderance. Derek had an advantage and probably should have won but let it slip towards the end and lost. With the match at 4-3, Mark, who had a dominant position for much of the game with a pawn-wedge on d5 and e6, pressed home his advantage and scored the critical win.

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