Safe Harbour

Atticus 1  5-3  Liverpool, MCA Division One, Monday April 8 2019

208 J Redmond  0  1 M Yanguas 181
193 D James  1  0 M Hardman 171
176 L Boumphrey  ½  ½ M Griffin 193
166 J McCarthy  +  - P Januszewski  UG
165 N Martin  ½  ½ N Hawkins 157
145 J Lambert  ½  ½ D Agejas 155
129 M Wadsworth  ½  ½ I Stephens 145
113 T Webb  1  0 B Rovezi 123
     5 3    
Ever since it was clear that neither Atticus team was going to win the League, our priority has been to maintain both our teams in Division One. This result moved us up to fourth in the League, still with a chance of second, but more importantly, as far as relegation goes, we have reached safety. On Board 1, I got a bad passive opening of the type that is sometimes possible in the French and was never really in the game. On Board 2 Dave James won a pawn and obtained a double-rook and pawn endgame. Mike obtained some counterplay but Dave steadily pushed his kingside pawns forcing resignation. On Board 3 our Dragonmaster Luke deployed his favourite opening and got a good position. But he missed the win of a pawn and had to be content with a draw. On Board 4 Jim McCarthy's opponent failed to show up which handed Atticus an early point. On Board 5 Nick Martin played the Scandinavian for a change though it simply led to a rock-solid Caro-type position against Nick H's 2 Bishops. An early draw was agreed  - no great surprise that these friends of 40 years duration could not face a battle! On Board 6 John Lambert played a solid Queen's pawn opening but early exchanges in the centre led to the night's first draw. On Board 7 there was a great battle where Ian won the exchange and was a pawn up. But Mark got a very powerful Knight on f3 and a raging attack led to a perpetual. On Board 8, Tom was up against a very handy junior player. Tom lost the exchange but had extra pawns and two very powerful knights. The pressure led to material gain and Tom calmly consolidated. Hence an excellent 5-3 victory which means that in all probability the relegation battle is between Waterloo and Wallasey.
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