John Ripley Trophy

Cup Controller:
Dr. Will Cook, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Atticus get a thumping

Widnes 4½-½ Atticus John Ripley Cup Final, Monday May 9 2016

205 S Jones  1  0  G Sala 200
193 M Mazek  A  A D Lawson 197
185 D Hill  1  0 J Redmond 193
183 M Ellis  1  0 A Stancak 193
177 N Martin ½ ½ D James 187
165 D.McCarthy  1  0 D Odunaiya 183
     4½  ½     

Widnes won the John Ripley Cup with a convincing display against Atticus on Monday. We had no excuses as we were the higher-rated side. Only Dave James managed to salvage a draw, while Dave Lawson's game has gone for adjudication. I got a bad opening and spent too much time trying to recover from it. Dave Odunaiya got blocked on the Queen-side while his opponent had a free hand to attack on the King-side. Andrej suffered from a lack of space. Giovanni had trouble on the dark squares while his opponent made good use of the two Bishops. Congratulations to Widnes. We shall have to do better next year!

Atticus roll forward

Formby  2-5½  Atticus, John Ripley Cup Semi-Final, Tuesday March 22 2016

185 D Williams  0  1 G Sala 200
176 G Haslinger  0  1 D Lawson 197
158 JM Haslinger  0  1 J Redmond 196
141 D Colbourne  ½  ½ D James 187
143 CP Fisher  0  1 D Odunaiya 183
127 M Barooah  0  1 S Kee 181
    ½(2)  5½    

Atticus had a solid victory in the John Ripley Trophy semi-final last night. Dave James ran into a drawish line of the c3 Sicilian and found it hard to generate winning chances but all the other games went our way. Dave Odunaiya managed to win a drawn-looking Rook ending. Steve had a more up-and-down game, winning and then losing an exchange - ultimately time-pressure brought down his opponent. I had a quickish win against Mike using a temporary Bishop sacrifice. Dave Lawson showed how bad Bishops can be good on the Black side of a Stonewallesque structure. Finally, Giovanni had a nice win as White, winning a pawn and then two Rooks for a Queen and defusing his opponent's counter-chances. So Atticus negotiate a tricky tie and head into the Cup Final.

Atticus squeak through

Atticus  3½-2½  Aigburth 1, John Ripley Cup Quarter-Final, Monday October 26 2015


198 D. Lawson  0  1 R. Williamson 207
195 G. Sala ½ ½ M. Duke 180
192 A. Stancak ½ ½ R. Frith 169
191 J. Redmond ½ ½ B. Kane 166
191 S. Kee  1  0 S. Lee 159
190 D. James  1  0 D. Eisen 154


Atticus triumph in John Ripley Cup

Atticus 5-3½ Skelmersdale, John Ripley Cup Final, Monday May 11 2015

Atticus defeated Skelmersdale last night in the John Ripley Cup. Skelmersdale, as a Division 3 side, had a 2½ advantage before the match began, so Atticus had to win by at least 4½-1½ on the night. In the event we won by 5-1. It was far from easy as a couple of the Atticus players had lost positions and several games went down to the last minute or two. Only Andrej, the form player for Atticus this season, made his game look easy. In one of the oddest games, Steve Kee's opponent achieved a won position but, after blundering away a piece, offered Steve a draw when he still had a won position. The rest of us made equally heavy weather of our games. Congratulations to Skelmersdale on a battling performance, especially bearing in mind the huge rating disparities.

202 D Lawson  1  0 P Stanley 171
204 J Redmond  1  0 D Stanfield 137
188 D James  1  0 R Pittman 142
187 A Stancak  1  0 J Reid  98
186 S Kee  ½  ½ S O'Brien 110
177 D Odunaiya  ½  ½ P Pittman 110
     5  1 (3½)    


John Ripley Cup Final Venue & Date

Atticus will meet Skelmersdale in the final of The John Ripley Cup. The final will be played at the Prescot and Knotty Ash Chess Club, Alder Social Club Alder, Road, L12 2BA at 7.30pm on Monday 11th May at 7.30pm.  


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