Knotty Ash Cup

Cup Controller:
Dr. Will Cook, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Atticus through in Knotty Ash

Knotty Ash Cup Quarter Final

Played at Hoylake on 13th December 2016

Hoylake V Atticus 1

Hoylake Board & Player



Atticus Board &




1  John Hanson



1  Jim Wiseman



2  Seth  Collinson



2  Steve Burge



3  Vabiev Bakhti



3  Tom Webb



4  Radu Tatar



4  Sanjoy Banerjee



5  Ron Ledgard



5  Dave Hurley



Match Score







Atticus squeezed into the semi-finals of the Knotty Ash Cup by the narrowest of margins. The scores were tied but Atticus won the match on board count.

First to finish or rather be finished was Dave who had a flash of an idea but unfortunately it was Ron who saw through the complications and quickly despatched the unfortunate Hurley.

Next to finish was Steve who Buddha like, in his demeanour and calm style gave his opponent a chess lesson. When I looked over the board the complications were horrendous but Steve first neutralised and then overcame Seth’s defences in a seemingly effortless game. Impressive or what?

Due to a misunderstanding over dates Sanjoy arrived late but was able to handle everything his opponent threw at him, make good the 15 minutes he had lost on the clock and gain a very solid half point for a draw.

The penultimate game to finish was my own, with both players down to 2 minutes one would have thought that this might have been a tight match. Not a bit of it, I was soundly trounced from about move 10 and the fact that the game lasted as long as it did was more down to my pig headiness and desperation. Vabiev played beautifully and I just tried to hang in there but in the end I was soundly and deservedly beaten.

Last to finish was Jim. By now Hoylake only needed a draw but Atticus needed the win. The game had see-sawed from level to a distinct edge to John then back to a draw before the Wiseman end game dust storm that saw exchange and pawn sacs being offered or forced upon his unfortunate opponent. This  led to an unclear and then winning advantage for Jim. In the final move John had to choose between saving his rook or being mated, typically in a very sporting match he allowed the mate.

Many thanks and commiserations to Hoylake but the party for Atticus goes on. 

Tom Webb

Knotty Ash Cup 2016/17

New Captain Tom Webb is looking for players who might be interested in playing in this years Knotty Ash Cup teams.

Players must be graded 130 and under. The 1st matches to take place on September 20th.

Please contact Tom asap if you are interested in playing.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       

Atticus 1 beat Wallasey 1 in Knotty Ash Cup,Quarter Final 19/12/11

In a very close encounter and exciting match Atticus 1 continued their 3 year unbeaten run with a win against Wallasey 1.

Wallasey 1

C Rees 0 1 S Burge
W Mansell 1 0 W Cadigan
G Heath 1 0 T Lawton
C Dougherty 0 1 N Hobro
R Champion 0 1 J Lawton
  2 3  


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