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Atticus 1 down Wallasey

Atticus 1  4½-3½  Wallasey

191 J Redmond  0  1 S Carr 192
190 D James  1  0 G Hughes 169
171 L Boumphrey  ½  ½ J Povall 161
168 N Wall  0  1 M Coffey 159
156 B Ewart  1  0 C Hughes 147
148 J Lambert  1  0 EA Taylor 137
133 M Blasczyk  ½  ½ M Spriggs 141
134 J Wiseman   ½  ½ A Roberts 137


Luke triumphs in Manchester!

Luke Boumphrey, yes that guy one can seldom analyse no more than just a few moves with before a bold sacrifice is offered, showed just who the daddy is by winning the Manchester Open in style!

Manchester Open

1: Luke Boumphrey 167 Atticus 4/5

1: Adam Ashton 229 3Cs 4/5

1: Joseph McPhillips 221 Bolton 4/5


4: Stephen Kee 178 Atticus 3.5/5

4: Mike Surtees 200 Great Lever 3.5/5

4: Jamie Horton 190 3CS 3.5/5


What a birthday weekend for an inspired Luke, whose game showed his usual tactical sharpness (his final game to follow) but with added positional and endgame finesse. Yours truly was devastated to lose a £5 personal bet with Luke as to who would finish the higher but there is no doubt that Atticus were the winners. Luke picking up a cool £££££ for winning and I a cool £££ for the grading prize. It was great to see Farhad there also, still bearing his Atticus designation. Sir Alex Ferguson will be turning in his retirement mausoleum...


Atticus Open: Report on Round 8

The penultimate round started and Steve Carr looked determined to halt Dave Lawson`s 100% record, their game transposing into the fearsome Maroczy (the mere mention of the word has been known to induce sleepless nights) – it was going to be a long evening..

It seemed however, that David Odunaiya wanted anything but as he precipitated his forces towards Greg Hughes` kingside. just as Brian Ewart, in a similar vein, seemed to be pushing Jeremy`s forces backwards. Meanwhile Tom`s game against Mike Coffey looked pretty even to me. Steve Philp looked puzzled as he assessed Brian Caulfield`s quasi-Kings Indian set-up. Steve Winstanley grabbed a couple of pawns against Rob Greaves, and seeked the endgame. Ben had a passed pawn against Neil Tabor and looked well in control.

Then one Brian broke through as another got burgled. Brian Ewart clinched his game against Jeremy, whose king had become exposed. Brian Caulfield dropped a piece – yes rooks can move sideways Brian– think of them as a bit like Joe Allen.

Tom became two pawns up against Mike Coffey and that was it really – Mike expressed some concern about his form in this (and apparently Aigburths) tournament: but he is regularly achieving good positions and just needs that winning touch (sit on your hands is an old maxim!).

Next, we saw a real end-to-end struggle result in a win for Greg Hughes, who had managed to hold of David`s assault and launched a decisive one of his own. Game of the Day #1.

(I should mention that two games were played ahead of schedule over the week – John Lambert holding Luke Boumphrey to a draw (held in Aigburth with their kind permission) and Mark Wadsworth winning against Nigel Hobro).

At this time Ben Ellington had now a Queen & pawns v Rook & pawns scenario, but was dangerously short of time. As the seconds flew by it was clear that Neil was going to win on time. Never mind Ben, some blitz may help here I think.

Then Steve Carr`s game against David Lawson finished a king and pawns impasse – or potentially one – and both players agreed a draw. So well played to Steve Carr for at least temporarily halting the Lawson juggernaut towards the Open title. Game of the Day #2.

Finally, Steve Winstanley converted his endgame against Rob Greaves – though managing to win with two queens against a lone king without ever giving check must take nerves of steel - a bit like playing the Operation game only with it plugged into the mains.

Well everyone, it`s the final round next week – see you all then.

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