Atticus Open: Report on Round 9

The final round of the tournament, with the prizes to be won gleaming at all the players from a table in the corner, saw some cracking games.

In perhaps the toughest draw he has had this tournament, Joshua found David Odunaiya just a bit too tough and went down to a bishop fork. Ben Ellington similarly found Chris Wentworth to be an experienced and difficult opponent, with a variety of nasty pins by Chris deciding the issue. Phil Taylor looked like he`d done the hard work as a pawn fork won him a piece against Neil Tabor, but pieces have a habit of hanging and Neil fought back to draw. Jeremy Hawthorn also looked to be winning as he went the exchange up against Brian Caulfield, but Brian had played well in this game (as indeed at times throughout the tournament with little reward) so an Angel of Mercy must have momentarily blinded Jeremy to the mate in one threat on h7, and Brian finally had something to show for his efforts. Meanwhile, Steve Philp went a pawn up against Nigel Hobro and built well on his advantage to earn the win.

Mark Wadsworth, playing black, had managed to win the exchange against Brian Ewart – but this left the latter with a bishop which ably held his position together, and there was no way to give the exchange back to force the win – so it finished all even. Luke seemed to cede some initiative against Steve Carr early doors and a pawn sac didn`t really create anything, in fact it became decisive as when the pieces were exchanged Steve won the king and pawn ending.

Steve Winstanley looked to be heading towards a great win and a massive shock as he went a piece up against Mike Coffey, but as his pawn supply began to dwindle the game finally settled down to a draw – but still a fine result for Steve.

David Lawson went a pawn up against Greg Hughes, but resolute play by the latter saw the game eventually drawn in a rook and pawn ending – a fine performance from Greg. However, our champion had cantered home – winning the tournament by a good two lengths as he crossed the finish line.


Well, it`s been great fun running the tournament, and I hope all the players enjoyed it and will be up for more punishment next year. Many thanks to Martin Blasczyk, Mark Wadsworth, Luke Boumphrey and Chris Wentworth, all of whom gave invaluable help (in addition kind donations from Tom Bimpson and Mark Wadsworth).

The prizes:

1st place: Atticus Open trophy, and £50: David Lawson

2nd place: £30: Steve Carr

3rd place: £20: John Lambert


Grading prizes:

Under 175 trophy and £10: Luke Boumphrey

Under 150 trophy and £10: John Lambert

Under 125 trophy and £10: Steve Philp

Under 100 trophy and £10: Joshua Gibbs

Under 100 and £10: Neil Tabor


Best Game prizes: book prizes:

Best game: Mark Wadsworth: v Luke Boumphrey

Best attack: Brian Ewart: v David Odunaiya

Best ending: Luke Boumphrey: v Greg Hughes


Best game under 175: Greg Hughes: v David Odunaiya

Best game under 150: John Lambert: v Mike Coffey

Best game under 125: Steve Philp and Jeremy Hawthorn: for their drawn game

Best games under 100: Joshua Gibbs: v Chris Wentworth

                                   Steve Winstanley: v Mike Coffey

                                   Natasha May: v Jeremy Hawthorn


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