Atticus Open Championship 2011

Atticus Open Championship 2011

The Final Round.

Last night the final round of the first Atticus Open was played. The eventual winners of the tournament were Enayet Hossein and Steve Kee. I hope to see you all at our general meeting next week.

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An exciting game on top board.

Atticus Open Championship 2011 Final Standings

July 18th last nights games.

With just two rounds to go the tournament is giving some idea of who will be in the running for the title of Atticus Open Champion. Last nights games were tense and hard fought.

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Last nights games. Round 4 11th July

Well last night was probably the most competitive night of the tournament with most of the games evenly matched and well competed.

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Last nights games. Round 3 4th July

Well in spite of the band playing downstairs we had some quality games of chess played last night. The threat of the music was stronger than the execution with 7 of the games finishing before the band started! The night finished with quite a few of us staying behind to listen to the band.

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Game of the day Round 3

Round 2

Tonight saw some interesting and lively battles. Before I mention them quickly I would like to point out that the tournament is not on next week as there is the MCA lightning event (See below). Also some have expressed concerns as to the effect that 0 ratings will have on their rating results. These were included in the software as the players were ungraded and the software cannot deal with this. Can I assure people that this minor hitch will be sorted out when the games are sent off for grading.

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Some disruption 4th July but tournament continues as normal.

Just writing a quick note to say that there will be a band playing downstairs on Monday 4th July. I expect there to be a little background noise and it will be impossible to play games downstairs. There will be one or two boards free for friendlies upstairs. I am sorry for this unavoidable disruption and I hope players can accept this and make the best in the situation and still enjoy their games.

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