Round 5 Web report

I will as usual give my report in board order.

With a lovely new venue the gloves were off for tonights games.

Board 1

Roger Williamson vs Mark Wadsworth

Mark was heavily outgraded and had the black pieces to boot. From a reasonable opening I dont know where Mark went wrong but he found himself in a complete bind with all pieces aimed at the structural weakness in Marks position.Such positions are very difficult to defend and Mark suffered for a long time before Roger converted.

Board 2

Steve Kee vs John Redmond

Steve had prepared for John this week and I suspect John realised this. Before he played an opening move John deliberated for some time. The result was that the players reached a level position with unusual pawn structures. After a war of attrition the position became very sharp. John missed a clear win but was always a bit ahead when both players reached time trouble. Steve missed a draw but in the end John won. An exciting game.

Board 3

Tom Webb versus Steve Philp

This match was played earlier on in the week. Steve played the opening  originally and had a slight advantage according to the computer. Tom played a kitchen sink attack which with best defence led to advantage for steve. Tom saccrificed a pawn which steve was right to accept but the second saccrifice shoud not have been accepted. Tom crashed through with a rook sacrifice which could not be accepted and then won Steves Queen without the attack abating. Tom mated in short order.

Board 4.

Due to a mix up Mikes opponent did not arrive so I gave Mike a game. Having missed a win earlier MIke played an absolutely sound sacrifive sacrificing a piece for 3 pawns. I was able to defend into an inferior end game. Given the clock times I offered a draw which Mike should practically speaking have taken. I managed to outplay Mike in the ending and produced a study like win.

Board 5

David Odunaiya versus Ben Ellington

David played a london system which he plays very well. Ben was probably too passive and was behind in development and the london bishop was causing all sorts of problems. DAvid won a pawn and was probably winning before Ben made an oversight which cost him a piece. David won.

Board 6

Steve Winstanley versus Jim Wiseman

Jim was comfortable in the opening against Steves morra gambit. However Steve held an initiative which was heightened by opposite colour bishops. I did not see the finish but Steve produced the big upset of the night by beating JIm.

Board 7.

Ronald Ledgard vs Peter Ferret

Opening pressure by Ronald led to a gain of material which in the end despite Peters efforts was enough to win. My apologies for not seeing more of this game but i was busy staving off my opponents threats.

Board 8

Mike WIlliams versus Natasha May

Natasha had at least equality from the opening and managed to maintain it in the transition to an IQP position. Such positions are fiendishly difficult and Natasha made the mistake of allowing too many exchanges. She was still approximately level until she made a weakening pawn move. She chastised herself for the mistake which left her in a difficult position psychologically . She made a move which was an oversight and Mike won a piece . Mike was able to convert his advantage.

Forgive me for not submitting a round report for round 4. It was for health reasons. I will endeavour to make the round reports for the rest of the tournament.

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