Report for round 6

Some exciting games this week

I will give my report in board order as usual

Board 1

Roger Williamson vs Iain Campbell

Roger soon gained a space advantage against Iain's Hippo. The play became quite blocked and Iain was worse on the queen side. Iain was faced with a vicious queen side attack in what was similar to a Kings Indian Set up. In my view Iain should have gone full guns blazing on the kings side but this is not in his style. Roger made gains on the Queen side and soon smashed his way through the centre. Faced with a mating attack Iain resigned.

Board 2

John Redmond vs Nigel Holbro

I hope the players forgive me but i have little recall of this game.Nigel played quite passively in the opening and John took advantage. John won in the end.

Board 3

Tom Bimpson vs Tom Webb

Tom B played a hedgehog against Tom W and proceeded to attack on the kingside.The game was close until Tom W blundered a pawn allowing infiltration on the kingside.From here the game was effectivly over and Tom B notched up the point.

Board 4

Nick Hawkins vs MIke Coffey

This was a very close game for its duration. The computer had it level throughout and with symettrical pawn structures the draw was on the cards.With both players nearing time pressure peace was agreed.

Board 5

Mark Wadsworth vs Steve Kee

Again apologies for my poor memory

Mark faced Steves Dutch and had a reasonable position. I foget how it happened but Steve went up material and from there there was no comeback for Mark. Steve notched up the point

Board 6.

Steve Winstanley vs Ronald ledgard

Steve had the advantage from the opening with greater activity. Unfortunately he misjudged a tactic which lost him a rook. Steve resigned immediatly

Board 7

Sanjoy Banerjee vs Mike Williams

MIke made many pawn moves in the opening and with the game opening up there was danger for his king. Sanjoy sacced a piece unsoundly but MIke soon gave it back. It looked like Sanjoys attack might break through but unfortunately missed a discovered attack on his rook. A rook down with no attack Sanjoy resigned.

Board 8

Jim Wiseman vs Peter Ferret

JIm maintained a slight advantage after the exchange of queens. Unfortunately for peter he walked into a skewer after which the game was effectively over. JIm notched up the point.




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