Atticus Open round 3 report

Just about every game was of interest this week. I will give my report in board order as usual.

Board 1

Roger Williamson vs Steve Kee

Starting off as a classical Dutch there was a lot of cat and mouse play. In a complicated position, Steve started a king side attack which Roger was able to defend. With the queens off the play did not get any simpler. Roger sacced the exchange, perhaps unsouondly, but the position remained unclear and as time trouble emerged it was Roger who had the upper hand and he had a winning position when Steve lost on time. This is deservedly game of the week.

Board 2

Tom Bimpson vs Mark Wadsworth

Tom got the better of the opening it seemed to me and he sacrificed a bishop to start an attack. Mark probably wisely declined the sac but was a pawn down with little compensation as a result. It seemed to me that Tom retained an advantage for the rest of the game and notched up the point.

Board 3

Tom Webb vs John Redmond

Heavily outgraded Tom held his own in the opening. However he made what seemd to be a positional mistake and gave John an excellent outpost on e5.When John occupied it attacking Toms Bishop Tom decided to defend actively . However this left Toms rook in the middle of the board with no way back to the safety of the first rank.  Tom gave up the exchange for a pawn but didnt quite get enough compensation and John notched up the point.

Board 4

Iain Campbell vs Dominic Foord

It seemed to me that Iain had at least equality from the opening in spite of his inferior pawn structure. when Dominic grabbed a hot pawn Iain sunk his knight into d6. This created two threats which in defending against the loss of his bishop allowed Ian to sac on h7. If Dominic accepted the sacrifice it was a forced draw. Unwisely dominic declined the sacrifice allowing a fierce attack by Iain.Dominic had to give up a piece but got a dangerous passed pawn. However Iain was able to neutralise the passed pawn and being a piece down with no play Dominic resigned.

Board 5

Jim Wiseman vs David Odunaiya

In a dragon opening Jim got his move order wrong and allowed the exchange of the all important dark squared bishop for a knight with a crippled pawn structure to boot. Without facing the traditional king side attack David was able to organise activity and an attack at leisure. Try as he might Jim was unable to defend his position and David notched up the point.

Board 6

MIke Coffey vs Steve Philp

In this game the queens came off early. The queenless middlegame was not without interest with both sides manouvering to try and get an advantage. As the material reduced a roughly equal endgame resulted but after a check on the seventh Steve misplaced his king. This gave MIke the advantage and he didnt let it go. In spite of the drawish reputation of rook endings MIke was able to notch up the full point.

Board 7

Ben Ellington vs John Lambert

In an interesting opening John made a temporary sacrifice of a knight to allow a fork trick. Unknown to both players the sacrifice was unsound and should have lost.

However Ben was not able to find his way through the complications and this left John with the double positional advantagae of a strong pawn centre and the 2 bishops.These pawns bullied Ben into passivity and after an oversight Ben lost a piece. Although the game lasted longer it was practically over at this point.John duly won.

Board 8

Peter Ferret vs Nick Hawkins

This was the most one sided of all the games. After a roughly equal opening Nick gained material first a pawn and then a piece.In fairness Peter could have resigned early but fought on until checkmate

Board 9

Mike Williams vs Ronald Ledgard

The first I saw of this game there was a tactical fight going on which led to Mike having a material advantage of an exchange for a pawn. The reulting ending of 2 rooks vs rook and bishop saw Ronald building up a fortress. Not seeing a way to break down Ronalds' defence Michael sacrificed his extra exchange for the sake of a rook on the seventh. Now a pawn down Michaels' activity gave enough compensation for his pawn minus but no more . A difficult ending resulted and I have no idea who if anybody was winning. The game was a draw in the end.

Board 10

Sanjoy Banerjee vs Steve Winstanley

An interesting opening led to an equal position. However Sanjoy played aggressively with his queen thinking he had the advantage. This led to a loss of time and advantage for Steve. With Steve putting pressure on whites Centre Sanjoy played too passively and the computer now gave it as a clear plus for Steve. Steve had a choice of good moves either an attack in the centre or the occupation of weak squares on Whites kingside. He chose the latter. Defending well Sanjoy almost got back to parity. However it is hard to defend for a long time and when Steve played f5 Sanjoy did not find the right continuation dropping material. Steve was now a pawn up with an imposing pawn centre and an exposed king. Further losses by Sanjoy and Sanjoy resigned.

Well I look forward to the next round on the 10th of July. This will be our last game at Pattersons. There is then a two week break and the tourney resumes on the 31st of July. Sorry for the inconvenience but i will keep you posted as regards  to our new venue.

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