Report for Atticus Open 2018

We have a smaller tournament this year but that will not stop it from being competitive! Just remember there is no more chess until the 25th of June.

I will give my report in reverse board order.

Sean Kanes opponent didnt turn up so as compensation he got the  full point and a friendly with me. The game revolved round a bad decision to block the queen side in a French. That left Seans pieces restricted and having no counterplay he would have had to defend perfectly to get the draw.

On Board 8 Ronald Ledgard played John Lambert. To me it looked equal early on but John managed to win material somewhere. In spite of the time pressure near the end of the game John won.

On Board 7 Rob Greaves played Brian Ewart. Again it was a close game but Robs position, from what looked like a closed sicilian, was a little looser. The next thing I knew Brian had infiltrated with his Major pieces and this decided the game in his favour.

On Board 6 MIke Coffey played Ben Ellington. Mike had the initiative early on and had the makings of a King side attack in a KIngs Indian Samisch. However the attack involved some risk as Mike had not castled. Having failed to play accurately Mike dropped the exchange and this was returned only when Ben had a forced Mate. A great result for Ben who is rapidly improving

On Board 5 Nige Holbro played Ali Rashid Mohammed Amin.

This was finished rather quickly and due to me being distracted by my game with Sean I didnt see much of it. My apologies to both players. Ali won the game.

On board 4 Phil Davies played Mark Wadsworth

In a queen pawn opening Phil was able to restrict Marks pieces before Mark had completed development. With Phil having all the pressure I expected the game to finish soon. Mark prolonged the game by shedding a few pawns for some activity and an attack on Phils king. However the attack was well defended by Phil and the extra material won the game for him.

On board 3 Steve Philp played Tom Bimpson.

This was a tight game with Steve having a lot of pressure after his interesting (and sound) sacrifice of the exchange. Toms King was exposed and I have a gut feeling that Steve missed a win somewhere. However Tom managed to exchange queens leaving an interesting ending. Steve had a knight and 2 pawns for the rook. I still preferred Steve but with time trouble approaching for both players peace was agreed.

On Board 2 Colin Horton played Jim Wiseman

In an unusual variation of the sicilian Colin decided to play an open variation.In  this line it used to be considered bad for white to play d4 and it is still what the player of the black pieces wants. To my eyes Jim equalised early and with opposite side castling it looked like it was going to be a slugfest. However Colin sunk a knight into JIms position and though it looked threatening it had few retreat squares. Jim attacked it with a rook and Colin protected it with his bishop. However the bishop moved from essential duty covering the c file and this allowed a fork of King and queen by Jim. Having won so much material there was only going to be one victor in spite of the disparity of grades. A great scalp for Jim and a baptism of fire  for Colin.

Finally Board 1 saw Tom Webb play Steve Kee.

The game started inevitably with a dutch and I wont presume to pretend I understood the game. It looked like Tom was  doing better with a big lead in development and I suspect Tom was better if he opted for queen side castling .However Steves structure was sound and he grabbed a luke-warm pawn on b2. Tom had little compensation and with each trade of pieces Steve was closer to victory: another pawn went and that meant Steve had a victory on points

So there were more upsets than usual with great results for JIm, Ben and Steve P.

I look forward to resuming Monday week. Remember there is no chess on the 18th.


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