Report for round 4 Atticus Open

A fairly quiet night tonight. I will give my report in reverse board order

Board 7

This saw Mark Wadsworth playing Ronald Ledgard

This was the first game to finish, Mark got some pressure on the queenside which led to Ronald ditching a few pawns.The queens came off and rather than fight on 2 central pawns down Ronald gave up the ghost.

Board 6

Saw Dave Hurley playing Andrea Brecevic.Andrea was late which meant he had a lot of time off the clock when he sat down to play.. Andrea played the petroff which I think is a vastly underrated system. Dave handled it originally but Andrea soon equalised.Andrea had play on both sides of the board but Daves position looked sound to me. Dave commented in the toilets that he was  being outplayed but it looked to me that Dave was  holding his own with a good knight and a protected passed pawn in the centre. However his king side was open and this meant Andrea had the initiative. Dave tried to  be clever offering his queen for a rook in order to promote his pawn but Andrea carefully defended and won the pawn. In theory Andrea was now winning but with 2minutes left on the clock Andrea accepted Daves draw offer.

Board 5

This was a re-pairing and Steve Philp played Mike Coffey.

Steve played the kings indian attack against MIke Coffey. Steve found it difficult to get e5 in and the pawn structure was fairly balanced. There were two open files in the position, Steve had the a file and Mike had the d file. MIkes pieces were better coordinated and Steves position was to a certain extent paralysed. Though Steve is a resilient defender he blundered in time trouble and from there his position fell apart. In spite of the extra 3 minutes Steve gained from an illegal move Mike was just too much material up and mated in short order.

Board 4

This saw Sanjoy Bannerjee vs Tom Webb

I missedthe opening moves but the game saw Sanjoy with the better pawn structure counter balanced by Toms activity. With opposite side castling it looked like one side or other was going to mate. I dont know if tom miscalculated or whether he took a risk but Sanjoy soon had a strong passedpawn on c7. With Toms kong more exposed both sides went into the ending . In spiteof the opposite colooured bishops it looked like tom would have a difficulttime defending the endgame. Tom had the more active king bubt his bishop was paralysed by the need to stop the c7 pawn and once  Sanjoys king broke free it was clear that the c7 pawn would cost tom his bishop and Tom duly resigned.

Board 3

This saw John Lambert play Colin Horton.

The opening was a tight tussle with John having more space and Colin chipping away at the centre. John got his pieces in a tangle though and this led to Colin winning 3 pawns.

With the queens off it was  just a question of technique for Colin and he won comfortably.

Board 2

Tom Bimpson vs Phil Davies.

A solid opening from both sides left the position in the early middlegame fairly balanced. When Phil got e5 in it looked to me like he had equalised. The next thing I saw was Tom had Bishop against knight and was a pawn up. however Toms Queen had few moves and he was in a bit of a tangle. Phil tried to keep the position of Toms queen passive but once Tom had engineered the release of his queen Tom was  clearly better. Rather than exchange queens Phil  tried  to stir up complications sacrificing his knight ot open up Toms king position. But Tom had a nook for his king and there was no more attack. Phil resigned.

Finally Board 1 saw Steve Kee vs Ali Amin

Ali played a dutch set up against Steves opening .An english I believe. Steve handled the opening originally playing an early c5. Strictly speaking this should have been no bother for Ali but Ali allowed a quick  exploitation of his light squares. Ali defended well but lost a pawn. He had a critical choice of how to defend a rook on a8 and I believe the exchange of queens was practically wrong. The ending with Steve a pawn up leftSteve as  big favourite. In trying to drum up play Ali lost further material and try as he might his position was not salvageable. Ali resigned.


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