Report for round 6 Atticus Open

All the games were of high quality in one way or another this week. I will give the report in reverse board  order.

Board 9 saw Ronald Ledgard play Dave Hurley.

This game was a real tussle swinging one way or another. Dave got the advantage first but then dropped an exchange. He had 2 pawns for it though and when Ronald dropped the exchange back Dave was clearly winning. He won the endgame.

Board 8 saw Sean Kane vs Steve Philp

To my mind (and the computers) Steve got an early advantage with a strong blockading square in the centre and some quality pawns on the queen side. However when Steve missed an oppurtunity to tie up whites queen side his advantage was only small. Also steve used  the wrong piece to occupy the blockading square and this allowed Sean to develop a kingside  initiative. According to the computer from this point on both players found the best move with the computers evaluation being approximately equal. With time pressure approaching Steve tried to defend his advanced pawns with tactics. Unfortunately for him the tactics were flawed and his queenside collapsed. In the time scramble both players inevitably made mistakes but  it was Steve who came out worst. With little time remaining for both players Sean was material up and on the verge  of queening when Steve resigned.

Board 7 saw Mark Wadsworth vs Rob Greaves

Both sides had a good opening with the game having the feeling of a KIngs  indian. I preferred Robs position at one point (but i have a bias as a fellow K.I.D exponent) and it looked like black had the centre. However rob left what looked like a hot pawn on f5 go. Mark took it and with it came a dominance of the white squares. I did not see how but rob dropped an exchange leaving Mark with 2 rooks threatening down the h file. When Mark regrouped and got his knight entrenched  on f5 there was inevitably one winner.Mark sealed up the point.

Board 6 was due to be Ben Ellington vs Jim Wiseman.

Unfortunately forJim Ben had transport problems and could not make it. So Jim got the full point and I decided to give Ben the half point as he had a legitimate reason for his absence. At least it gave JIm more drinking time.

Board 5 saw Sanjoy Bannerjee vs Brian Ewart.

After a fairly peaceful opening and middlegame the game went into a technical ending. Brians Rooks were slightly more active but he had a bad bishop. It was possible for Sanjoy to keep the bishop locked in but having failed to do so Sanjoy still had a theoretical advantage. When it looked like Brians rooks were neutralised Sanjoy had an initiative on the kingside. Sanjoy was  left with a choice - Seal upthe kingside or try to open it. One promised a dead draw and the other offered Sanjoy winning chances but with what he felt was some risk. So Sanjoy sealed up the kingside and accepted Brians draw offer.

Board 4 Saw Mike Coffey vs Andrea Brecevic.

The opening went badly for Andrea with Mike infiltrating on central dark squares. I did not see how but Mike  won material, but the task was always going to be difficult for Andrea. The game finished with Mike having a big material advantage and time on the clock to boot. I did chastise Mike when I learnt that at some point he should have recorded moves but I dont think it was deliberate or that it changed the course  of the game. Mike won.

Board 3 saw Tom Webb vs Phil Davies.

To the uninformed spectator this game looked like the higher graded player was white and not black. Phil blundered in a Hebden attack opening and was losing a minimum of 2 pawns. Tom had the choice to win more material early or continue with his initiative. He chose the latter and although Phil defended against a threat the shots from Tom kept coming. If Phil had defended like a computer he would only be 2 pawns down and still lost but the game was terminated neatly by Tom with Phil losing his queen or getting mated. Tom won in impressive style.

Board 2 saw Ali Amin vs Tom Bimpson.

In what was Toms pet opening the play was sharpened by Toms advances on the kingside. I thought that Tom had a good attack but ironically Ali engineered an initiative  on the side that Tom was attacking. Some sharp play saw Ali give  up a piece. I do not know whether it was a sacrifice or not but the ending was full of technical difficulties for Tom. In a time scramble Ali had a dangerous passed pawn but with 40 seconds  on the clock Tom forked a queen and a mating threat. This forced Ali to give up his queen. We will never know if tom could have finished the game in 40 seconds because he offerred a draw which Ali accepted. One of many great tussles this round.

Finally on board 1 Steve Kee faced Colin Horton.

In a double edged opening most of the action took place on the queenside. Both sides pieces were oddly placed but the first turning point was when Steve dropped a pawn due to tactics. This was only the second time in the tournament that Steve was worse. The game continued with cut and thrust from both sides with Colin having the advantage for most of the game. However Colin returned the favour and blundered a pawn. Now it looked like Steve was  better. However with time pressure approaching Colin offered the draw which Steve accepted. In steves opinion this was the best game both sides had played. Whether or not this is true a draw was a fair result.

I look forward to seeing you next week.


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