Round 7 Atticus Open

The quality of the games this week were high again. I will give my report in reverse board order.

Board 7

Andrea Brecevic vs Ronald Ledgard

Ronald was heavily outgraded but came out fighting. He was behind in development but Andrea  was not able to capitalise on this. Material was equal when the endgame was reached but Ronald had a weak pawn and was behind on the clock. The final position Andrea was a pawn up but Ronald would have excellent drawing chances had he not lost on time.

Board 6

Ben Ellington vs Rob Greaves

This game started with one of the heaviest analysed openings. I do not know who was the first to deviate from theory but it struck me that Rob came out the better with 2 bishops and excelllent squares/outposts. Ben tried to attack on the kingside but Rob was solid. The clock decided the game again and Rob won.One of the best games I have seen him play

Board 5

Dave Hurley vs Mark Wadsworth

In a grand prix attack Mark allowed Dave to stop Mark from castling. However Mark was able to damage Daves pawn structure and get the queens off. After a mistake from Mark, Dave was able to win a pawn. In compensation Mark had an initiative on the kingside. The game looked set for a big battle but Dave overlooked a tactic allowing Mark to win a bishop. Dave resigned.

Board 4

JIm WIseman vs Sean Kane

In a typical Isolated queen pawn position JIm was doing ok.but Seans compensation for the pawn weakness was a lot of activity. In my view Sean was doing well and was better. Jim tried to coordinate an attack on the kingside but blundered and let his Knight get trapped. JIm resigned shortly after.

Board 3

Phil Davies vs Mike Coffey

I do not pretend to understand the opening these two played.It loooked like an exchange slav. MIke had advanced pawns in front of his king and I dont know whether they were a mass or a mess. Neither players were able to infiltrate the oppopnents position and a draw was agreed.

Board 2

Brian Ewart vs Tom Webb.

Another IQP position was reached this time with white having the isolated pawn. In my view Brian allowed the exchange of too many pieces still having a weak pawn. When Tom offered the draw it seemed to the neutral that Tom was better. Tom Grabbed a pawn and looked to be winning but Brian was able to conjure up a vicious Attack. This required accurate defence and it was hard to find the right moves for Tom. Brians attack broke through and when Brian picked up a rook Tom resigned


Board 1

Colin Horton vs Ali Rashid Amin

This game started as a Taimanov sicilian but soon transposed to a classical Dragon. Ali looked to be making progresson the queenside but in a highly tense position Colin broke through in the centre and won an exchange.However soon after Colin made the mistake in exchanging his dark squared bishop for a knight. This left Ali with a very active bishop in return for the exchange. I am sure a computer would have had Colin as winning but Colins king was  exposed and this allowed Ali serious counterplay. With time pressure looming Ali was able to win a couple of kingside pawns and it was a race to promote. Alis pawns were quicker though and this was enough to secure victory.

See you next week.

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