Final round report Atticus Open 2018

There were many quality games in the final round. I will give my report in reverse board order.

Board 7

Steve Philp vs Ben Ellington

This game was late starting and the 2 players consumed a lot of time in the opening. The opening was a kind of bastardised KIngs Indian Attack and white (Steve) was clearly bettter for most of the game. However it was Ben who handled his clock better and Ben went on to win on time.

Board 6 saw Rob Greaves play Sanjoy Banerjee.

Rob played an anti Najdorf move order but Sanjoy handled the position well getting an attack on Robs king. Robs attack never really materialised and the game ended with a flurry of Tactics which went in Sanjoys Favour.

Board 5 was a no show from Dave Hurley who was due to play JIm Wiseman. I was forewarned as was JIm.

Board 4 saw Phil  Davies vs Brian Ewart

Against Brians Kings Indian defence Phil played the fiancetto variation. Brian played an early Queen a5. The next time I saw it Brian had the better of the position but play was quite sharp. Brian blundered allowing Phil to go material up and from this point on Phil was winning.

Board 3

Tom Bimpson vs Colin Horton

Tom ,who had a great time in the British Seniors, played the London system.Play became polarised as Colin was pushing his queenside pawns and Tom was looking for an attack on Colins KIng. In the late stages of the game Colin was posiopnally winning on the queenside which meant Tom had to make his attack count. I am fairly sure that Tom had at least a draw but Colin defended well and Tom could not find a way through. This meant that Colins Queenside pawns won

Board 2

Ali Amin vs MIke Coffey.

In an Evans gambit it looked as if Mike was struggling being unable to castle and having to defend against a mate threat. However Ali could not find a win and when Mike had castled it loooked like MIke had got out of jail and was now better. Then Time troouble reared its ugly head and with both sides attacking the result was in doubt. The penultimate move of the game MIke missed a win and instead blundered allowing a fatal check from Ali. Mikes position was now hopeless and he duly resigned.

Board 1

Mark Wadsworth vs Steve Kee

Steve had to win this game to be sure of first prize. Play entered the dutch opening where I am sure Steve was more comfortable than Mark.

Mark developed naturally and Steve mad a lot of pawn moves but once Steve got a pawn to e4 it made life difficult for Mark.

Steve went on to win the exchange and though Mark defended well the outcome of the game was not in doubt.

I have enjoyed the tournament and I hope you have too. Maybe We shall meet next week for the problem solving If not there is alwys next year.

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