Atticus 1
170 5.0 : 2.0 St Helens 1 161
Redmond, John P
Mazek, Marek
Kennaugh, Charles W
Hill, David F
James, David J
Dugdale, Tom
McCarthy, Jim P
Potter, Steven
Wadsworth, Mark S
Ellis, Gareth
Martin, Nicholas E
Blasczyk, Martin

Atticus 1 hosted St Helens 1 (the re-branded Widnes team) last night 02-12-2019. Widnes had won the MCA 1st Division title in consecutive years in recent memory, however St Helens are now close to leaving the MCA which would be a great shame. In their previous 2 matches they had defaulted the bottom 2 boards against Atticus 2, and then defaulted the whole match against Formby. Against Atticus 1 they again only had 5 players meaning defeat was inevitable even before the match commenced.

Board 1: John Redmond v Marek Mazek saw John play an aggressive Nimzo-Indian which led to him having a rook and 2 pieces for a queen but Marek had a serious attack on the H-file. John played a set of forcing moves followed by a sacrifice which led to the win of the queen. It was a superbly played game and a joy to watch.

Board 2. Charlie Kennaugh v Dave Hill Dave played a Najdorf Sicilan and obtained pressure on the c-file. Dave then won the exchange and Dave consolidated to get St Helen's solitary victory.

Board 3. Dave James v Tom Dugdale This was a G3 Sicilian and Tom still seemed to have quite a lot of play when he agreed the draw offer.

Board 4. Jim McCarthy v Steve Potter Steve played his tricky E6, B6 line against Jim's D-pawn opening. Jim played solidly and managed to get a strong clamp on the dark squares and a pawn on D6. Steve was too open and Jim eventually forced a mate on G7. Yet another calmly executed win from Jim.

Board 5. Mark Wadsworth v Gareth Ellis Out of an unusual opening, Gareth had two bishops but Mark had good piece play and restricted the Bishops well. Mark had slightly the better game as pieces came off. But when it was down to a Rook and pawn endgame both players were happy with a draw.

Nick Martin and Martin Blasczyk played each other as the remaining Atticus players did not have an opponent. Therefore Atticus 1 remain in 2nd place half a point behind Atticus 2 who deservedly top the table.

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