A return match has been arranged with Crewe Chess Club for Tuesday August 18th at 19h30, everyone is welcome to play in this game and the number of boards will be adjusted accordingly. 

Time Control  45mins + 15secs on the Lichess Website

Please contact organiser/Captain Jim Wiseman to join the team.

 email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Happily, Atticus have been restored to Division One of the 4NCL Online (thanks tp the withdrawal of the Anglian Avengers.) Therefore, just as in Season 1, we will likely field two teams in the coming season - in Division One and Division Four.

The new grades have emerged. Not a great deal of movement (given the circumstances.) Many players have stayed the same or only gone up or down by one. Luke, however, is up 8 to 185 while Steve B is up 4 to 135. Mark is also up 4 to 132. Well done to all concerned!











1 Karl Lockett ZZCrewe 148 1-0 Tom Bimpson tombimpson 175

2 Rick Renegade DONT_WALK_OFF 137 1-0 Sanjoy Banerjee sanjoybanerjee 135

3 Harry Gardiner gingerninja2003 135 0-1 Steve Burge SteveJB 131

4 Neville Layhe Whitevanman 121 1-0 Mark Wadsworth AtticusChallenger 128

5 Dave Price baldrickprice 119 1-0 Tom Webb TomWebb 128

6 Lukasz Michalek Good-40-percent 113 1-0 Chris Wentworth chriswent 123

7 Martin Gill Beemerman318 108 1-0 Jim Wiseman (Capt) JimWiz20 121

8 Andrew Crosby Portlover 96 1-0 Lee Webster leebster *130

7 - 1

David Hulme (Non-playing Captain)

*130: LeeWebster Jan 2020 ECF Grade based on 5 games only played at Heywood

Congress in 2019. Most recent previous grade (2004) = 94; Between 1994 & 2003 (incl)

grades ranged between 84 & 102 . I have discussed this with Crewe Captain David Hulme

and estimated his current grade to be somewhere between 115-120.



Despite being clearly out-graded on paper, history will record that Crewe Chess Club delivered a sound thrashing to Atticus. Only Steve Burge of Atticus managed to get a result with the rest of us all getting beaten. There were times during the match when it looked like Atticus might do better, although to be fair, I think Crewe always looked like winning on the night.


I feel the match was played in a good spirit by both sides and well done to Crewe for their magnificent performance.


Thanks to all the players and to Dave Hulme (Crewe’s non-playing captain) for making this an easy and enjoyable event to organise.


Jim Wiseman

(Atticus Capt

  The 4NCL Online will be returning on a fortnightly basis from 25 August - 15 December for season 2. (A third season will start in the New Year.)

  After our exploits in the first season Atticus should be entitled to enter at least 2 teams (of 4) - one in Division 2 and one in Division 4. It would be very useful to see how much interest there is to play. Please send your thoughts to me about availability etc so I can start to gauge how many teams we can enter.



John Redmond (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Atticus have been challenged to an online Lichess match on July 22nd at 19h30,

Time control will be 45mins plus 15 seconds.


So far we have a team of 7 players but would welcome any more players who might like to join in. Crewe have suggested they could field up to 17 players.


Please Contact Organiser Jim Wiseman ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for further details or if you would like to join the team.

The Club has received the sad news that long time member Dave Healiss has recently passed away. An obituary will be posted shortly.

Dave last played for Atticus 2 in the Championship winning team of 2016/17. That season he turned out in every match and had an excellent record of 10/14.

Good News The Cross Keys Pub is able to Re-Open this weekend.



4NCL Online Rounds 9 and 10.

Both Atticus teams had a tough time in the 4NCL. For the individual player, the format requires considerable adjustment of mental and physical habits. After 10 rounds it was something of a relief that the whole thing was over. However, we enjoyed the challenge and we have not played our last match in the competition.

Atticus A 1½ - 2½ Sussex Social Isolators

Redmond, John P. 2327 e ½ - ½ Cumming, Rhys 2299
Kennaugh, Charles W f 2249 ½ - ½ Blake, J Morgan 2147 e
Kee, Steve 2155 e 0 - 1 Bucher, Grant W 2119
James, David J f 2147 e ½ - ½ Lunn, Matthew 2087 e
1½ - 2½

In Round 9 there was another narrow defeat for Atticus A. Meanwhile Atticus B did well to win what turned out to be their last match:

Atticus B  3-1  Harrow 3

Boumphrey, Luke S 2020 e 1 - 0 Manmay Chopra 1855 e
Rothwell, James P 1892 e 1 - 0 Stotz, Martin 1780 u
Banerjee, Sanjoy K 1720 e 0 - 1 O'Neill, Richard 1645 u
Blasczyk, Martin 1690 c 1 - 0 Stott, David A 1510 c
3 - 1  

The opponents of Atticus B, Surbiton, defaulted in the final round after a controversy related to cheating. Atticus A incurred a narrow defeat:

Gonzaga B Sharps  2½ - 1½  Atticus A

Kanyamarala, Trisha wi 2201 1 - 0 Redmond, John P. 2327 e
Miller, Ioana wf 2185 0 - 1 Kennaugh, Charles W f 2249
Moran, Stephen 2195 1 - 0 Kee, Steve 2155 e
Jackson, Carl 2021 ½ - ½ James, David J f 2147 e
2½ - 1½

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