Congratulations to Formby for winning this vital fixture and taking this years 7200 title. We had to win by a score of at least 3-1 and hoped board count then worked in our favour. Unfortunately Jac Thomas wasn't available falling ill at the last moment.

An early loss by Ben meant we had to win the remaining games.

Artur looked to be well ahead but it was always going to difficult for James to change a slightly inferior end game into a win. I felt I had a great position and confident of the point but then slipped up! This meant a draw soon followed between Dave Williams and James Rothwell.  

Thanks to all the players who took part this season particularly Tom Webb and Sanjoy who were not available for this one.


MCA U7200 Wed 29th Mar 2023

BoardHomeAtticus 7200 Formby 7200Away
1 (B) 1921 (1919)
 Rothwell, James P
½ - ½
 Williams, E Dave
2000 (2062)
2 (W) 1749 (1737)
 Burge, Steve J
0 - 1
 Colbourne, David CA
1803 (1780)
3 (B) 1707 (1733)
 Ellington, Ben
0 - 1
 Grady, John J
1613 (1638)
4 (W) 1600 ()
 Hrabchak, Artur
1 - 0
 Dixon, Gabriel
1600 ()
Total 6977   1½ - 2½ Total 7016
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