Lichess-Apps are available for Smartphones and iPhones too. Simple search for "Lichess" at Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Our tournaments on Lichess are successful. We are co-operating with FS 98 Dortmund.

This are our next tournaments:

Thursday, 14/05/2020, 6:30 p.m., Lothar Schmid Arena
Organiser: Michael Schulz-Runge, FS 98 Dortmund
direct link:
Type: individual rapid chess tournament
Time: 7 Minutes + 6 Seconds per move
Duration: 2 hours

See you there!


Extraordinary times need extraortinary measures: Atticus Chess Club goes online! You all are invited to join our online club.

Tonight we played for the first time online and we organised a Blitz-Tournament against FS 98 Dortmund. 8 Atticus players and 7 FS 98 players joined this tournament. The result was:

Atticus 132 points and FS 98 Dortmund 66 points.

After some time we got used to the system and I think, everyone enjoyed playing.

If you want you may become a member of FS 98 at Lichess too. Then you can join their club night as well. They are playing every Thursday from 6:30 p.m. Here is the link:

On you can challenge other players. Simply move the mouse on their nick, an info-box opens, click on the crossed swords, choose the options and click on one of the kings at the bottom. Wait till your opponent accepts the challenge.

We will organise regular tournaments on lichess. We will keep you informed on our website.

Have a good time!



PS It was great night of chess lasting for around 90mins and playing a number of 5minute blitz games.

Maybe we play some games against other MCA Clubs in the near future?

Thanks to Martin for organising this and hopefully the next match will take place again soon. Steve B


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