MCA Div 2



Atticus 3




Liverpool 2

Dave Stuttard (B)




Michael Clarke (W)

Brian Ewart (W)




Steven Lloyd (B)

John Lambert (B)




Ian Stephens (W)

Ben Ellington (W)




Bashar Rovezi (B)

Martin Blasczyk (B)




Luke Maher (W)

Sanjoy Banerjee (W)




Peter Mellor (B)

“We that have done and thought,
That have thought and done,
Must ramble, and thin out
Like milk spilt on a stone.”

It is always a pleasure to host our cross-city rivals.  Liverpool were missing a couple of key players, whereas we were able to field a full-strength side for the first time this season.  I was especially intrigued to see how the board four clash would play out between the serial deracinator of foliage (Bashar) and our own arme secrète. 

Dave was first to finish, to our detriment.  What immortal hand or eye doth frame Dave’s fearful asymmetry?  When it works it is oftentimes astonishing, but this was a night of the other kind. 

Thankfully Brian was able to effect a swift redress, barrelling through in an Accelerated Averbakh against (on this occasion) a hapless Steven Lloyd, whose exertions at the weekend in Frodsham may have taken their toll. 

Martin and his opponent were locked in a blitzkrieg in a Scotch Four Knights, which was ultimately decided when white injudiciously allowed a trade of two rooks for a queen in an otherwise equal position. 

John and Ian halved in a game I had (perhaps unfairly) reckoned lost, which left just Ben and I to finish. 

I had suffered an opening malfunction, which effectively gave odds of a- and b- pawns albeit with some compensation by way of a lead in development.  The equation between material and initiative was in the balance but Peter defended accurately as my fightback ran out of steam.  Two and a half points each. 

Ben and Bashar had debated a Panov-Botvinnik, which had simmered on a low heat, but came to the boil in spectacular fashion.  Both players had two and a half minutes remaining when Ben detected a mating net.  He allowed his clock to drop to forty seconds as he coolly calculated the prospective win.  But all which glisters is not gold and Bashar, at fourteen years of age, was able to guide his team to a scintillating victory. 

On a personal note, and on behalf of Atticus Chess Club, I would like to wish a speedy return to health to Dave Leeming, whom we missed on the night and look forward to welcoming back soon as the mainstay of a solid team.

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