440 League 

Aigburth V Atticus 1th March 2020 











Alistair Bond 


Jim Wiseman 


Frank Connor 


Tom Webb 


Bill Collinson 


Steve Winstanley 


Paul Capstick 


Peter Ferrett 






The 440 League is a much reduced affair this year with just four teams playing each other three times over the season. If this league is to continue then it may well be worth considering raising the grading limit. Having said that the league has been tremendous fun and as we reach the final leg, any side, which wins their last three matches, will win the league. 

Aigburth suffered an early blow as they had to find a late substitute to fill in at Board 2. They were therefore substantially weakened. As fortune would have it, I was playing on Board 2 and was able to overwhelm the game Frank Connor quite quickly with a combination that netted a whole rook. 

 The next game to finish was Steve Winstanley, who is having a really good season, despite the occasional hiccup. Tonight he really demolished the doughty Bill Collinson. A rook down and about to lose the exchange of his remaining rook even Bill had had enough and resigned a totally lost position. 

Next up was Peter and Paul’s game. This was their third clash and each game had gone on for over 30 moves. For the first time in the three matches the players exchanged a pawn. The crowd were shocked, indeed some were scandalised, but quickly soothed as both players realised what they had done and agreed another grandmaster draw. 

Jim had earlier developed a huge centre and a very promising attack but had unfortunately switched off for a couple of moves. Alistair is not a person to relax against and seizing his moment he won a piece and had an overwhelming advantage when Jim, realising the match was already in the bag, accepted the inevitable and retreated to the bar 

So with two games to go Atticus are still in the hunt for the title, but face formidable opposition. 

Many thanks and commiserations to Aigburth who, as always, were great hosts and played the game in the right spirit 

Tom Webb 

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