This year Sanjoy plays the Sparkassen Chess Meeting OPEN B, 9 rounds swiss system, open to players below ELO/DWZ 2000. Sanjoy rating is 1569. Number of players this year: 133    DWZ/ELO range: 1254 - 1983
Sanjoy is once again a guest of Helmut Pauli, FS 98 Dortmund Chess Club.

Round Table White (ELO/DWZ) Result Black (ELO/DWZ)
1 30 Emeljanov, Anatolij (1833) 1 - 0 Banerjee, Sanjoy  (1569)
2 45 Banerjee, Sanjoy  (1569) 0 - 1 Barth, Hans-Joachim (1849)
3 64 Steinebach, Lukas (1528) 0 - 1 Banerjee, Sanjoy  (1569)
4 45 Banerjee, Sanjoy  (1569) 0 - 1 Bartelt, Max Peter (1869)
5 52 Freiknecht, Axel (1873) 0 - 1 Banerjee, Sanjoy  (1569)
6 40 Banerjee, Sanjoy  (1569) 0 - 1 Papadopoulos, Antonios  (1842)
7 52 Titgemeyer, Eva Maria (1644) 1 - 0 Banerjee, Sanjoy  (1569)
8 58 Banerjee, Sanjoy  (1569) 1 - 0 Hofmann, Benjamin (1493)
9 50 Cremerius, Axel (1730) 1 - 0 Banerjee, Sanjoy  (1569)

With regards to the ELO/DWZ rating number, Sanjoys chances to win the first two games are not very great. In both games he did his very best, but it was not enough.

Round one:

Round two:

Here are some impressions from this tournament:

Sanjoy playing ...
Sanjoy playing ...
View of the Tou...
133 players ......
Grandmaster Tou...

Round three: Regarding the DWZ rating of both players, Sanjoy has good chances (ca. 50%) to win his game, fingers crossed.

Round four: Once again Sanjoy faces a strong player. The 8th move of his opponent looks unusual and is not (well) known by the opening books. Sanjoy had his chances. What shall I say? One can always play better moves and the one who makes the second last misttake may win the game. Now Sanjoy is 114th of 133 in the ranking table. Good luck for the next game!

Round five: Sanjoy keeps his chances, balances the game and, step by step, gets an endgame with giant pawn who wins him the game.Well done, congratulations! After this game, Sanjoy has 2 points and is on position 103 (133 players) in the table

Round six: This game culminated in a rook endgame. Everyone likes to believe that all rook endgames end in a draw, if you have not a rook more than your opponent. Tarrasch tought that rooks shall be positioned behind the pawns. Now have look at this game and enjoy the fight.

Round seven:

Sanjoy plays against Eva Maria
Sanjoy plays against Eva Maria

Round eight: Roy Lopez Opening, and another nice win for Sanjoy, well done! Black chose the less well known Cordel Defence. Enjoy this game!


Round nine:

Here ends the report from Dortmund. I hope you enjoyed the games and pictures.

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