I can play

by Jim Wiseman

"I can play,"  but Andrej said
"You may prefer another instead.
My game of late has not been good
Choose someone better if you could".

"For a GM to become
Go lose a thousand games, say some.
So, Andrej, worry not" said Kee
"You know that what will be will be. "

Now Sanjoy upped and had his say,
"Poor form will pass but class will stay...
Though can I talk of Class when bred
In low-life, rough-edged Birkenhead?"

Then Lee chipped in, he thus assumed,
"Poor me it seems that I am doomed.
If class doth stay, then to my cost
The same is true when Class is lost!"

Webb rounded on Lee's tale of woe
With acid tongue he laid him low
Fired bullets with a smoking gun,
"You cannot lose what's ne'er been won!"

Pretty harsh but such is life
Webb's turns of phrase cut like a knife
But in the end, Yes you've guessed,
They're only words Tom speaks in jest

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