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MCA Online Tournament 2020/21, Round 11 on 29th March 2021

After 10 rounds our four Atticus teams are first, fourth, tenth and eleventh in the table. The fixtures of round 11 are:

Prescot 1 -v- Atticus 3 are fighting for being second in the table.

Prescot 2 -v- Atticus 2 Both may fight for a better ranking in the table: fingders crossed for Atticus 2

Skelmersdale -v- Atticus 1 It would be a miracle, if Skelmersdale would win this match.

Atticus 4 has a bye in this round.

To see who is playing, simply go to: MCA Online Tournament 2020/21, Round 11
All matches are starting at 7:30 p.m..
If you want to watch our games, simply click on Monday, 29th March 2021, after 7:30 p.m. on the name of a player:

Atticus 1 Atticus 2 Atticus 3 Atticus 4
John Redmond
Charlie Kennaugh
Steve Kee (captain)
David James
Luke Boumphrey
Andrej Stancak
James Rothwell
Steve Burge (captain)
Tom Webb
Jim Wiseman
John Williams
Dave Stuttard
Ben Ellington
Martin Blasczyk (captain)
John Lawton
Tom Bimpson
Sanjoy Banerjee (captain)
Derek Rooney
Mark Wadsworth
Lee Webster
Chris Wentworth

See you there on Monday!


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