Magnus Carlsen has won the game today and defended his title with 7½ -v- 3½. Was it a good match? I would say, more or less. Nepo made some blunders and "donated" games to Carlsen, or should I say Carsen exploited every weakness of Nepo and his win is well-deserved. You may replay these games and make your own mind:

Carlsen -v- Nepo all games on Lichess

For me this tournament was by far not as interesting and as fascinating as the legendary battles betwen Fischer and Spassky, Karpov and Kortschnoi (alias "Victor the Terrible" or "Old Shatterhand") ,Karpov and Kasparov...
"Tempora mutantur" (Times are changing) and FIDE changed the rules and so on "to make chess more popular"... So be it.

Enjoy the games.


P.S.: The longest game... reguarding the moves it is game 6 of this tournament (136 moves), but it lasted only 7 hours and 45 minutes. Reguarding the playing time the game David Bronstein -v- Conel Hugh O'Donel Alexander, Hastings, 06/01/1954, 120 moves and took 13 hours. At least one of the longest game in chess history.

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