My recollection of the games is not as good as it was but I will give it a go. I will give the games in reverse order as usual.

Board 11

Rob Greaves vs John Lawton

Both sides played the opening and middlegame solidly. The resulting endgame was interesting. Rob had 2 rooks and a knight against John's 2 rooks and a bishop. This normally favours the bishop and John had a lot of pressure on the g3 pawn. Rob held firm and was able to create counter-play on the queenside. At this point it looked as if it was heading for a draw and so it proved.

Board 10

Robert Owens vs Steve Winstanley

After an interesting opening an equally interesting middlegame was reached. Rob Had the central pawns but Steve had the opportunity to stop Robert from castling. However Steve declined to take this chance although his position was ok anyway. Robert then attacked on the kingside and forked Steve's King and queen. Steve resigned and Robert rather sportingly offered him to change his mind as Steve could take the offending knight with his bishop. Not seeing this Steve resigned for a second time and Robert rather sheepishly accepted.

Board 9

Alastair Bond vs Sean Kane

My apologies , I did not see any of this game and all I know is that Alastair won. Sorry to both players.

Board 8

Jim Wiseman vs James Rigby

This was an exciting game in what was a Najdorf Jim W played an early a4. The play soon took a tactical route and Jim W had what looked to be an unstoppable attack. However James R found an excellent resource sacrificing his rook, if the sacrifice was accepted Jim W would lose his queen so Jim W declined the sac. This forced James R to sacrifice his rook for a knight leaving him an exchange for a pawn down. However the material balance was not as important as the initiative and in the struggle for it Jim W dropped his queen. A pity for him in what was otherwise a well played game. James R notched up the point.

Board 7

Sanjoy Bannerjee vs Ben Ellington

This was played before Monday as Sanjoy was away for the British Championship. The game started off as a main line Najdorf.  Sanjoy sacrificed a piece for 3 pawns in a similar fashion to a game of Bronstein . In this particular game the sacrifice was unsound . I do not recollect what happened after this but Ben won.

Board 6

Peter Jenner vs Mike Coffey

Again my apologies to both players I did not see any of this game. All I know is that Mike won.

Board 5

Nick Martin vs Steve Burge

In what was a classical Dutch Steve lost his way and had a bad pawn structure and a bad bishop to boot. This allowed Nick to pick up a few pawns. Steve had hopes of a perpetual but Nick skilfully avoided this and went on to win.

Board 4

Peter Mellor vs Phil Davies

In a Queens Gambit Declined Peter had infiltrated on the queenside and looked to be making good progress. The next time I saw it Phil had counter infiltrated and posed Peter some difficult problems. I did not see the rest of this game but Phil went on to win.

Board 3

Phil Brine vs Steve Kee

In a Stonewall Dutch which was misplayed by Steve Phil had the advantage and Steve's position was ugly. I do not know how it happened but Steve managed to activate his dormant light square bishop and succeded in equalizing. Phil then went on a manoeuvre with his Knight but it was slow and Steve was able to start an attack. The losing move for Phil is when he played c3 weakening the c file and allowing Steve's Bishop to occupy d3 creating mating threats to Phil's king on c1. It was one way traffic from here and Steve forced resignation.

Board 2

Tom Webb vs Gerald Cohen

In what started life as a Pirc the game changed structure and was very similar to a classical Dragon, the only difference being Toms Queenside pawns were advanced. It was not clear who this benefitted. The next time I saw the game Gerald had a strong initiative on the dark squares around Tom's king. Gerald allowed Tom to double rooks and infiltrate but in return Gerald had a mating attack which forced Tom's resignation.

Board 1

Roger Williamson vs Daniel Rowlandson

In what resembled a main line King's Indian Daniel made the instructive mistake of developing his bishop to g4. Roger was able to attack on the queenside and Daniel did not have the usual counterplay. The exchange of queens did not help matters and Roger had a winning queenside attack. Daniel resigned as his position was hopeless.

I hope to see you all for the prizegiving on Monday.



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