Game 8 of 12 13/02/2020 WALLASEY B v ATTICUS 4

Bd WALLASEY B ECF No Grade Aug 2019 (Jan 2020) v Grade Aug 2019 (Jan 2020) ECF No ATTICUS 4

Jeff Povall 117337G 135 (142) ½ - ½ 131 (132) 301442D Mike Williams*

Anthony Roberts 188628K 138 (132) ½ - ½ 125 (128) 120918J Mark Wadsworth*

Stuart Smiley 194277D UG (154)** ½ - ½ 122 (123) 126943E Jim Wiseman* (Captain)

Ken Jones 166401D 133 (132) 1 - 0 121 (128) 121292J Tom Webb

Rick Purcell 299928G 123 (125) 1 - 0 114 (113) 119122J Howard Sleeman*

Brian Wiggett 304150F 128 (123) 1 - 0 110 (112) 176165B Steve Winstanley



4 ½ - 1 ½

Atticus 3 played White on the Odd Boards

*= Starred Player (Cannot Play for a Team in a Lower Division)

(Jan 2020) = January 2020 Grade; ** = Last Known Grade (Year 2014)

Result Slip sent in by: Jim Wiseman (Atticus 3)


For a long while it looked like we would get something out of this top of the table clash. I had a fairly comfortable game against Stuart Smiley but could get no more than the half-point. However, we were looking good on the bottom bords so I was quite happy. When Mike Williams and Mark Wadsworth also picked up draws (Bds 1 & 2 respectively) I was quite hopeful that we might win the match.

It was not to be though. Gradually, Wallasey B began to push back against the tide. Howard and Rick Purcell played out a very interesting game. Rick went material down but got considerable counter-play. With Howard threatening Mate in one for several moves Rick held his nerve and managed to negate the threat, winning back material to boot. This proved sufficient for the win.

Steve Winstanley also had a strong position until he walked into a fork which cost him material. He, too, found counter-play but it was not quite enough and Brian found the resolute defensive moves which assured him of victory.

Tom Webb and Ken Jones played out a close fought encounter but the Wallasey player managed to gain a positional advantage that eventually won him a central pawn which, in the end, proved to be enough for the win.

Wallasey deservedly won the match and have now leap-frogged us to go top of the table   REPORT JIM WISEMAN

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