Sanjoy plays in the "Sparkassen Open B" in Dortmund 2017

Sanjoy arrived at Düsseldorf Airport on Friday night. He is invited by Helmut Pauli and stays in his house near the city center. Sanjoy represents our Atticus Chess Club in the Sparkassen Open 2017.

15/07/2017, Round 1: Lehmann, Christoph -v- Banerjee, Sanjoy 1-0
16/07/2017, Round 2: Banerjee, Sanjoy -v- Lust, Nikolaus 0-1
17/07/2017, Round 3: von der Weyden,Louis -v- Banerjee, Sanjoy 1-0
18/07/2017, Round 4: Banerjee, Sanjoy Kumar -v- Sombetzki,Detlef 0-1
19/07/2017, Round 5: Biele,Johanna - Banerjee, Sanjoy 0-1
20/07/2017, Round 6: Banerjee, Sanjoy - Friedel,Roland 1-0
21/07/2017, Round 7: Goldmund,Heike - Banerjee, Sanjoy 0-1
22/07/2017, Round 8: Banerjee, Sanjoy - Leonard,Timo 1-0 (forfeit)
23/07/2017, Round 9: Banerjee,Sanjoy Kumar - Garbuz,Nicole 1-0

The venue "Fritz Henßler Haus" is perfect for such a tournament: Three parallel tournaments, nine rounds swiss system starting every day at 11 a.m. with in total 238 players, creating a great atmosphere. Sanjoy is playing in the "Open B". The tournament has started on Saturday with the first round.

Round 1: In his first game he played black against Christoph Lehmann and after 42 moves he missed a pin and unfortunately lost his the game:

We analysed this game at "Rudi's Ranch" together with members of FS 98 Chess Club Dortmund and agreed: One can not win every game. This was a very good game except move 41 Sanjoy can be proud of.

Round 2: New round, new chance: Sunday, 16/07/2017 he played white against Nikolaus Lust.

Another intersting game by Sanjoy. The French-Tarrasch-Opening is very popular. It avoids the deeply analised variants after 3. Nc6 Bb4.

Round 3: In round 3 Sanjoy playes black against von der Weyden,Louis. We think that he has good chances to win his game.

Sanjoy promised today to improve his performance. Fingers crossed, good luck for the next game, Sanjoy!

Round 4:
Another unfortunate loss for Sanjoy, but this is not the end of the tournament. Another day, another round, another chance.

Round 5:
A nice and well deserved win for Sanjoy and he kept his promise.

Round 6: This next game was a fight lasting about five hours. After Sanjoy gained a positional advantage in the opening and transformed this into a victory. Congratulations, well done!

Congratulations for this very intersting game!

Round 7: Sanjoy will have good chances to win this game too. Fingers crossed.
The third win in a row for Sanjoy! Congratulations! Sanjoy, black, managed during the opening to keep the game and the position in balance and fought a tough middle game, always keeping the endgame in mind. Of course, remembering e.g. Bobby Fischer, who said: "only those who can play endgames, can play chess!" Now please allow me another quotation: "Give your opponent the chance to make a mistake."
The endgame was about tempi and opposition of kings, about pawn structure and all this. Sanjoy won this endgame and the game against a strong opponent. Wth 3 points out of 7 games he is now on position 90 in the table of 123 players.

Once again: Congratulations to Sanjoy for this great game!

Round 8:Timo Leonard didn't turn up, so Sanjoy won this match.

Round 9:

Sanjoy finished this tournament with five point out of nine on rank 47 of 123. Congratulations for this great success!
In the beginning Sanjoy faced serveral difficulties: the standard FIDE chess boards used in this tournament are larger than the ones he is used to. Additionally every player had 90min/40moves+30min/end+30sec increment per move starting from move 1. This is plenty of more time than in the MCA leagues. During the tournament he managed it successfully to adjust his time management and to get used to the larger boards.
Members of FS 98 Chess Club Dortmund never let him down, analised his games, gave him new ideas and prepared him for the next game.
After the end of the tournament Sanjoy, Ursula, Helmut and Martin celebrated his success and visit to Dortmund in an Italian Restaurant befor he took the plane back to Manchester.
Some photos will be published here soon.
I hope you enjoyed this report from Dortmund.

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